Monday, 21 March 2011

Manly Monday: Welcome to SPRING!

: Oh, Neigh everyone.... I didn't realizhe I wazh going to go firsht today. I am very buzhy you shee... Everyhorse knows that true manliness lies in getting your hay from the very shentre of the shtack......

Happy SHPRING!!!!

Tommy: I continue to be a shining example to Little Fernant who is growing larger by the minute...

By the way, here is a pic of me when I was the age Fernant is now!

Bibi-Chan: In case you were wondering, YES, there was another HOUBIBI episode last week! Behold:

I don't why #1 gets so het up. After all, my Tommy would protect me if I was in any danger! But somehow, she finds in-bag surfing to be a safer pastime for me...


Have a great week everyone!


  1. Vidock, we didn't realize the hay in the center of the stack was the best. Very interesting!

    Happy Spring friends! It's still very Winter-y here in California. Rain rain rain!

  2. We have never eaten hay (although we do like grass) so we will take your word on center of the stack quality Vidock. Fermant is very smart to emulate you in all things Tommy. You were a cute young pup but very handsome and manly now. Please give Bibi-Chan a talking to Tommy because it is very worrisome that he is such an escape artist.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  3. Is the hay in the centre of the stack more flavoursome Vidock - and maybe more moist too.
    Tommy we see you are still mentoring Fernant and rounding up Bibi too!!
    Enjoy your in-bag surfing Bibi - we hope you have lots of fun.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Hiya Vidock! HMM I guess the hay in the center is a lot fresher than the outer part. Looks like you all are loving your Spring very much!

  5. Oh- the centre is the best? We always thought the top as that was what we always see on TV Vidock :)
    We have never seen a horse in person so we appreciate the lessons you teach us.

    amigos and san

  6. Spring looks like it's busting out there.And so is Hou-Bibi :)

  7. Houbibi! You look like you are having such fun outside! Look at that look! I am certain Tommy would protect you too.

  8. Bibi- we have no doubt Tommy would protect you, but what if Tommy is off with Fernant?

    Tommy - you were just so handsome in that younger photo, and even more so now.

    Vidock - don't get lost in there - BOL.

  9. Vidock, you're talking with your mouth full??? hehehe... lovely hay must taste wonderful

    Tommy, you are a wonderful example for Fernant to follow.

    And Houbibi, 9 likes to bag surf too! Last night, he surfed in a paper bag, but Mom couldn't take a photo (her hands were full of clay).

  10. So many manly furiends today!!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Thanks fur sharing them Tommy!

  11. Ut oh Tommy becareful some buddy is not taking over the blog while you are babysitting. Hint: hay.
    Benny & Lily

  12. Hello Vidock, dear. It's so good to see you! You are such a handsome boy. Glad you found all the tasty spots in your hay. Guess the center has less dust and doesn't dry the mouth as much. Do you like to be petted and brushed? Mum thinks that would be a most lovely thing, to pet and brush you. Do you like people?
    Tommy, if Fernant turns out to be even half the wonderful doggie you are, he'll be pretty amazing. Goodness you were a beautiful young man.
    Just look at Bibi. That confident stance, tail up and looking very self satisfied! Oh Bibi! We love you! Be safe!

  13. Nice to see all of you! Looks like you are enjoying the joys of Spring!

  14. Hooray for you gus !
    Welcome Spring Fun !

  15. Happy Spring to you all as well! :)

  16. Hi Vidock! Looks like you are very happy with spring coming :-) And what nice photos of Tommy and Fernant running and playing together! Bibi-Chan, playing outside like that, you look like one of doggies :-) Be safe!

  17. Bibi, you must be very smart to figure your way out of doors so often!

  18. That's some very green Spring in some of those pics.

    Loved the previous pic of Sei Chan in Tommy's arms.

  19. Hay?? Is it tasty?? More in the center?? Hmmm....
    Happy week to all of you too!
    Kisses and hugs

  20. hmmmm...I guess I'll have to trust you about hay Vidock...

    Mom is head over heels in love with Fernant! Such a special boy!

  21. Don't you Beans know anything about the best stuff coming from the middle of the centre of the food? It's a known. All the critters knows all about it. (My critters told me ..... thas how I knows!)

    May I say you have a beautiful family of critters? I do enjoy the visits here.

    I'm gone .....

  22. Good to know that about the hay, Vidock. Houbibi, Teddy totally idolises you.

  23. Vidock looks great!
    Houbibi, be careful out there!

  24. Sunshine, we wish we had them!


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