Monday, 14 March 2011

Manly Monday

: As with all of you, we continue to stay riveted to information sources on what is going on in Japan. #1 is trying to establish what the best "people" relief organisations to donate to would be. And we would like to give you once again the website for the Japan Earthquake Animal Relief and Support. This is an excellent organisation that does great work.

We feel it so very odd to be going about our daily lives in the peace, quiet and plenty of our countryside. But the dignity shown by those in Japan who have lost everything is a lesson for all of us. We realise more than ever that each and every day is a gift to enjoy and appreciate.

My manliness is being put to the test by that little pipsqueak Fernant who is running for every naughtiness award in the book. And believe it or not, his worst partner in crime is the cat, Basha. They gang up to implement the most amazing theft and demolition scenarios! Anyway, on the subject of demolition, Fernant's latest idea of a good time is to grab me by the ear...

And NOT LET GO!!!!!!!

I ask you. What is a pup to do???? #1 keeps telling me that I am a saint as I barely even growl at him.

And I also have to somehow keep my Frisbee safe!

Bibi-Chan: I keep waiting for Fernant to come over here so I can play with him too. I could try that ear biting on him!!!!

Anyway, remember when I made by HOUBIBI escapes last week? When I am out and about, I love to play with Tommy and I am clearly the boss. So, I know about "Follow Your Leader" and all that, but don't you think this is slightly ridiculous?

Anyway, I am THE BIBI, King of the French Savannah!!!

As you can imagine, I needed my beauty rest after all that!

Vidock: Neigh, everyone! Guess what? The latest news is that I have perfect ears! Can you imagine that? That particular comment came from one of my fans in Australia! Here is a portrait #1 took on Friday:

And a close-up:

Do you agree?

Wishing you all a good and peaceful week.


  1. Mom found out about, which lists a number of organizations to donate to, and it can be done online, even suppressing your personal information so as not to trigger a host of mailings from the organization(s). What she didn't like was the fact that it seems the money only goes to the organization the following month, and she wants to see her donations going immediately. Right now she is thinking about the American Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, and World Vision.

  2. We're suddenly glad no woofies live here!

  3. Thank you for the Japan updates, it seems as though it just keeps getting worse with all the nuclear plants going off.

    I'm not sure that I would want Fernant at my house....ear pulling...what a dog!

  4. Wow, Fernant seems quite naughty, but in that rascally adorable puppy way. Tommy, you are a saint.

    Bibi, you are definitely royalty and Vidock, you do have perfect ears!

  5. Wow! What a naughty pup. We would give him a right smackypawing!

  6. It is terrible what is happening in Japan. Hard to believe when we are living normally in our homes.
    Tommy, you look like you are having a great time. I am not so sure about that follow the leader thing though!
    And what purrfect ears!!

  7. Looks like that pup needs a few lessons in respect!

  8. Love the shots of the family and the pup too. But I have to be another to say I'm glad we have no barkies living here.

    Again, great pictures of everyone.

    Y'all come see us when you can.

  9. Vidock we think you have very handsome ears - we think you could win a rosette for their shape.
    Tommy you are a saint with that Fernant - we would give him a whap. We also hope Bibi didn't poot on your nose!!
    The Japanese are amazing with their self control in the face of such adversity - in the sunshine here today and the peace and quiet it is so hard to believe what has befallen them.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. A vet blog said that is another donation site that is quite reputable. Tommy deserves many treats for his patience with Fernand.

  11. I think you have great ears! Thank you for commenting and letting us know what you find out from Japan--it is very hard over here to get news of any sort and of course in a disaster like this it is that much harder!

  12. Mom works from home, which makes it even worse for us. Mom says it is better than if she left for work every day. But we think she is ignoring us! That is why we sit on her papers on her desk!

  13. BiBi, we are just in love with you. You are so gorgeous. And Vidock, your ears are also just perfect. We love your color too. You are a lovely horse. What great pictures. That puppy does look a little norty to us.
    Take care and have a great day.

  14. Bib - we think you would be best to leave those ears alone - those doggies are bigger than you. And Tommy, you are a saing to endure that ear pulling. TD has to put up with that for his tail with Ciara hanging on for the ride.

    We continue to keep the Japanese family in our hearts and prayers. And that is a great way to help out the animals too. We will be sending our donation.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. Your ears do look perfect! Tom, you are very tolerant with that little stinker.

    We are still thinking of those in Japan too.

  16. Thanks so much for your comments and link on my Cat Island blog post! They are very helpful - I shared the Love Meow link on my Facebook page.

  17. Great post and love the pics. Our thoughts and prayers are with those in sad....

  18. Woo so are a saint Tommy!

    PeeEssWoo: Mom realised today as we were on the cherry tree part of our furst walk that it will be khwite an emotional Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC this year -

  19. I think ALL your ears are perfect! Kisses to all the dogs and cats, and horses!

  20. Your friend must be related to my Lily cause she is always biting my ears
    Benny (& Lily)

  21. Tom, me and my mom have the same thought as you. My dad always said to all of us " I'm happy because when I wake up, I know I still alive and have my family " We didn't get it till the the disaster happened from one to others. Look at how much they lose. Some didn't have chance to see each others any more. Enjoy when we can ! Help them as we still got a chance. All you do to help it's fabulous ! I proud of you.

    Love to see you enjoy your day : )

    PS : Thanks for the website, I will put in my blog to spread the news : )

  22. Those puppies sure have a way of hanging on. :)

  23. Vidock, your earsies are perfection! Do you like when your mum rubs them? They look quite irresistible to us.

    And Tommy, your poor ears. Little Fernant needs to learn a little restraint. We know he's just a puppy but there is no time like the present to learn.

    Bibi, you are a natural born king. All of the Poupounette gang wear their ears with great style and flair. Your #1 will have to do a study "The Ears of the Poupounette"!

  24. You have the best ears Tommy (although Vidock's are very nice too)! Don't let that little one bite them off. We think Bibi looks excessively manly and wild posing in the field.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  25. You certainly do have lovely ears, Vidock :)
    As for you, Tommy. You are such a good woofie. Look at you smiling while Fernant has you by the ears! Patience of a saint :)
    Beebs, we love the picture of you ruling your domain :)

    We are so excited to play Paw it Forward with you guys!

  26. Tommy, you ARE a saint. I can only imagine what Grete woofie would do if that little (cute) upstart Fernant nibbled on her ears!

    Vidock you have the most perfect ears. Please keep them away from Fernant!

  27. hey Tom, you are a pretty good fellow to put up with that ear pulling. wow.

    we have been happy to see quite a few dogs in the news coverage of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. it's a terrible and scary thing. our human is making us an emergency evacuation kit.



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