Friday, 18 March 2011

Family and Friends on Friday!

: Neigh Everyone! Here in our little corner of rural France, we are still feeling the cold a bit but at least most of the mud has dried!

Today, I would like to introduce my sisters to you. I have two sisters who live on the farm with me. My big sister is called Telly and she is two years older than me:

She has been living a pretty laid-back life so far, hanging out and playing with our half-sister Toune. But I hear rumours that things will soon be changing and she will be going to school!

We also have a younger sister, Altesse, who was born last year. She is still just a baby and cute as a button!

Sorry she's a bit out of focus. It's hard to get her to stand still!

Tom: Today, I want to tell you about one of my nieces. I may have mentioned her on this blog before but she is so cute that we can't get enough of.... EMILY!

Emily is pocket-sized and #1 has threatened more than once to go and kidnap her....

The Chans make up a little family group of their own as they are all related. Sadly, we have little news anymore of Bibi's siblings except that we hear that Fuku-Chan is becoming a great champion! Go FUKU! This is what he looked like when he wasjust a baby:

But the Chans have friends, lots of feathered friends in fact! Here is a "delicious" sampling of the Kitchen Bird TV channel:

In this picture, we have a brambling, three European goldfinches (with the spotty tails) and three siskins.

They also want to tell you about a blog featuring FOUR Abyssinian cats who get up to some pretty wild stuff. Go and see them at FOUR ABYSSINIAN CATS!

And our overview of family and friends would not be complete without our latest "Framily" member, Fernant the Terror!


  1. The last pikh just exudes innocence ;-)

    Happy Friday Mes Amies!

    The post is full of khuteness!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! I khan see why #1 would want to snag her!

  2. So nice to meet your sister Vidock!! They are beautiful, but that is no surprise as you are very handsome yourself!! We have really icky weather going on right now...snow. Yep! One day sunshine; another snow. Go figure! So we are nestled deep in our sweaterbeds waiting for the sun to come back and hoping that mom keeps the fires going. Ellwood could care less about the weather...he is a goof no matter what and is happy to run about like a maddawg whatever the weather. Now he is in 'his' room drying off because we all know how stinky wet dawgs are! Yuck!! We are also still enjoying bird tv though Dad doesn't think we should be feeding them anymore...Mom sneaks out and puts seed out, though she is almost at the very end of the 80kg of sunflower seeds that she bought for the birds this year. I think when that is gone Spring should be stay!! Purrs to you all, Lautrec, Tiny and ElDawgO

  3. Vidock, your sisters are just as beautiful as you are! Are you 3 show horses? Emily is so pretty & Fuku was SO adorably cute when he was just a tiny wittle kitty. What breed of cat is he? Good luck to him on becoming a Champion!

  4. Vidock, you have some very pretty sisters!

  5. That's a really lovely family Friday. Great pictures and stories. We are really envious of bird tv....

  6. I bet there is never a dull moment at your farm! Sounds like a peaceful and joyous space! Meow, neigh and woof to all of you!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  7. Amber-Mae Fuku and the Chans are all Abyssinian kitties.

    He was a little cutie wasn't he??

    Congrats on the wins too Fuku...

  8. We are very glad to meet your sisters Vidock. They are very pretty and we can see that they are all related to you. Emily is adorable Tom. And congrats to Fuku-Chan!

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  9. Vidock my mommy is a horsey person and she just loves the pictures of your sisters. She doesn't have any horses now so she loves when all the kitties share their blog with you!

  10. What wonderful pictures! They are all so cute! We love the look on Fernant the Terror - the picture of innocence! MOL

  11. Those spotty tailed birds are amazing! Great to see all of you plus a few friends. Fuku was one of our favorite kittens, we were secretly hoping he would be staying with you.

  12. Fernant surely can't be a terror - he looks sad cos he's on the wrong side of the door.
    We would like to thank Vidock to introducing us to his sisters - Altesse has a lovely white mark on her head.
    Tom - we love your niece Emily - she looks just like a mini Tommy!!
    Tama-Chan you must be so proud of your champion boy Fuku-Chan.
    You have some very pretty birds to outside your window.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. Fernant looks like he is just waiting for FUN to happen. What a handsome guy!!!

    We loved meeting all your family and furiends. The horses are just so beautiful. We have never been able to even see a real horse. One of these days . . .

    Sending wishes your way for a good weekend and for some better news to come out of Japan. Still just so very sad.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  14. You guys are beautiful. School? You have to go to school? Oh my. Little Fuku is adorable, champion blood runs in the family, nice. Have a fun weekend
    Benny & Lily

  15. Beautiful sisters, Vidock... as beautiful as you are handsome. Little Fuku-chan was an adorable kitty and darling Emily! I don't blame #1 for wanting to bring her home. What a doll!

    And surely Fernant can't be a terror. He's way too adorable!

  16. Well of course your sibling would be champion. I had no doubt!

  17. My dearest friends...thank you for your visit....please forgive me if I left you thinking that Dragonheart has gone to the bridge...I meant to imply that he has just left MY world as a brother. He indeed has just stopped blogging...and I sadly know no more than that. People were often cruel to him on his blog and that did hurt his mommies heart...I believe she just gave it up...I chose to think they are well wherever they may be now...but he was my first friend and I miss him so very much...
    Sending you warm hugs and blessings for your beautiful family...Love Misses Peach

  18. What delightful pictures of your family and friends. Look at all the birds and look at the expression on the woofies face in the last picture.. Love them all.. Hugs GJ xx

  19. Fernant you are getting big! We loved the cluster of birds feeding- so lovely.Vidock's sisters are prettyful.Have a sweet weekend Tommy and the Chans.Remind your Mom to drape you in pink!Mwahahahahahaha...
    the critters in The Cottage

  20. Emily looks so much like Tom! And Fuku-Chan has Rumblemum lost in SQUEEing!

  21. Hello to the horsies, felines and woofies. But the fevver! We only have goldyfinches here, just starting to turn really yellow again. The other two we don't have!

  22. Actually what you call siskins, we would call goldy finches. We just went to look at other online pictures. Either way, we love fevver TV.

  23. Mommy thinks you and your extended family are quite the crew! Vidock, will you go to school too? We're curious how you'll hold a pencil.

  24. Fernant looks like the most perfect of angels! A little terror? No one would believe it! But we know better. (We've got our eyes on you, young man. )

    Vidock, your horse family is beautiful! Very Elegant! Your adopted family is as well.
    Tommy, #1 better grab up your sister before we do. She is totally adorable! ( but we would expect no less, mow would we).
    Mum's making a total fool of herself squeeing and making kissy sounds at baby Fuku-Chan! Even we kitties have to admit he is an extraordinary kitty! Beyond beautiful!

  25. You have quite a wonderful groups of relatives!

  26. Tommy
    I think you have a most glowious family!!! ALll of it! fuwwy and feathewed . you awe so lucky to have each othew and live in such a bootiful place.
    Happy Fwiday to all of you
    smoochie kisses

  27. The she-Tommy is quite fetching.

    Too bad that you have lost contact with the kitteh family. I know you would love to learn how they are.

    And who is that new family member? Looks like a labradork.


  28. V, your sister sure are cute.
    T, what a cute niece you have. :)
    What an adorable kitty picture. Abby kittens are SO darn cute.


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