Monday 1 December 2008

Radiator Fun

Sen-Chan: One of the very best places to be during the day in winter is the radiator in #1's study. It is wide enough to sit on comfortably, and she has a bath mat draped over it so it's pleasantly warm but not too hot. It's even big enough to host both of us!

And there are games to be played from it!

It gives an excellent view of #1's desk, but the most interesting view is of course towards the outside, since there are two bird feeders just outside the window! Which makes me think of an incident last week that we haven't told you about yet. #1 was at her desk fairly late one evening wen she heard a lot of flapping outside the window. When she opened it, she discovered a Great Tit that had gotten its claws caught in the mesh of a suet ball. It is the first time this has ever happened. She brought the ball and bird inside with her. Fortunately (so she says!), only Tom was with her at the time. The nylon mesh was wound so tightly that she needed smaller scissors than what she had in the study,  so she and the bird came down to the bathroom and there I was, FASCINATED!!! She eventually got the mesh off and brought the bird back up to let it go, but it managed to get away inside the study! So there I was, leaping up in all directions, and the bird flying around, perching on the big beam, and #1 chasing after ME! She unceremoniously dumped me outside and got a butterfly net with which she caught the Tit and put it outside. Here it is, perched on the beam:

As a result of this, the standard suet ball in nylon mesh has now been replaced by a cylindrical metal suet ball container. We treasure our birdies!


  1. That radiator looks like mucho fun! Room for me too?

    Too bad you didn't get to tango with that birdie, Sen-Chan. I bet it would have been great fun. ;0)

    #1 got a gold star for that one!

    Purrs Goldie

  2. How furry exciting - a bird inside the house! I understand that humans think they are cute but what about natural selection? Survival of the fittest? You know what I mean!
    We actally don't sit on the heating. It amazes our mom... Maybe it's beause the windowsill is furry broad with enough room even for a bed.
    It is so nice to see you two together.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli
    P.S.: We like your "Christmastree"!

  3. Oh I so wish we could sit on our radiators here too... Sadly they are not the right type for that, so I have to make do with Mummy's bed! Currently I'm looking after Daddy as he has manflu really badly though, but at least Mummy went to the shops and bought the birdies some food and the squirrel too, so I'll have plenty of entertainment here! :)

    Isis sends you kitty kisses Sen-Chan and hopes you're well...


  4. Sen-Chan, radiators are a boon to the chilly feline bum. Luckily yours are both still slender enough to balance on them without embarrassement. Unlike mine, but luckily my futon is pushed up against it so I get the heat and the view.

    Your humans are very kind to save the Great Tit. It's a good warning about the mesh, we will be changing ours because of this. We like our birds too (but maybe in a different way to the way our humans like them) *coff*

    Whicky Wuudler

  5. Oh I wish I had seen that little bird. I could have pointed at it for you.

    Your friend,

  6. Oh my goodness! I am glad you were able to save the birdie. My Mommie would scream if a bird got inside the house.

  7. Today we had plenty of little Tit "Nonette" who visited us for the first time, asking for suet, it was for us to madden
    Baf & AB

  8. Oh I'm drooling. I know that's bad but I'm drooling.


    Thank you SO much for holding our paws through the weekend. Its been just crazy and we're all trying to regroup and it was really soothing knowing you were there for us.

  9. Mom is always saving the birdies we catch! We have brought them inside many times. Mom understands that it is in our nature to catch them, and she expects us to understand that it is her nature to save them. ::Sigh::

  10. hi Sen-Chan,

    that's such a cool bird story. we're glad that you kiddos get the watch the birds from the other side of the window and #1 takes care of them so that they can fly another day.

    that radiator looks cozy warm.


  11. Yoo had real live fev vers flyin around yer house and couldnt touch them?? *thud*

  12. FEVVERS!! Flyin' Fevvers! Wow, that sounds like sooo much fun!

    Oh, and so does the radiator!


  13. Wow! That sounds so exciting. We wish a bird would get free inside OUR home! Can you think of any more exciting day in your life, besides maybe your gotcha day?

    Abby & Stygia

  14. Oh Man I thinks I would have wet myself!! Was there lots and lots of chatter too?
    Poor little birdie though, it must have been frightened out of it's wits!
    Your Momma is very good to take great care and time to help the birdie :) Every living thing is special :)
    hehe I iz still laffing at the poor birdies name!!


  15. Wow! That was a lot of excitement. We have a bird feeder outside our window too, but we would love to have a birdie flying around inside the house.


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