Sunday, 28 December 2008

Sunny Sunday

Sen-Chan: The weather has turned colder but very sunny, with a bitter north wind blowing. For those of us who are lucky enough to be inside, in the warm, it is wonderful to bask in the sun's rays!

My eye is getting better, which is making #1 (and me!) happy. I am still sneezing and snurfling, but I have enough energy again to chase after that little minx of a sister! I have started taking the Engystol homeopathic medicine and we are hoping it will work and boost my immune system, helping me to keep future infections at bay.

Tama-Chan: #1 has been busy ironing and putting fresh sheets on the beds as there are more people arriving this evening, and again in January! Of course, I helped her by trying out the freshly made beds...

Tom: First of all, I wanted to show you on of the gifts I received for Christmas

It's an official Japan Frisbee Dog Association Frisbee. HURRAY!!!!!

Even though #1 claims it is a little chilly outside, I have been having so much fun romping in the fields!

You can probably see that my current Frisbee is beginning to look a little the worse for wear. I'm very glad that #1 keeps a supply for me!


  1. How delightful for you, Tom. An official Japan Frisbee Dog Association Frisbee! Your old one is looking a bit forlorn! Sunshines are always wonderful to bask in, and we are so glad your eye is getting better Sen-Chan!

    Mom is a bit aghast that anybuddy still akshully irons sheets! Yikes!

  2. Woah Tama_chan. You are becoming just like the amigos. I am glad you like helping #1 with the sheets as that job can be very difficult :)We are also glad that Sen_chan is better and that om has a brand new official Japan Dog association Frisbee. For sure it will be a very good one.

    The Amigos and san

  3. I am so glad you are starting to feel better, Sen!

  4. You're so lucky, Tom, to get an official frisbee! Judging from that picture of you and your old frisbee, it looks like it came just in time. I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better Sen-Chan.

  5. Tom, your old frisbee looks like a Mexican sombrero!
    We are glad to hear that your health is improving, Sen-Chan. So sorry that you're having an eye infection - poor little darling! Hopefully the Engystol will work it's miracle!
    Tama-Chan, #1 is very busy and it's such a good thing that you are helping her. We love your black tail-tip!!!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  6. Oh yes we can see that you need a new frisbee, Tom.
    You looks very cozy in the sunshine. We have sunshine too here and Patch had a long walk in the forest today!

  7. hi kids, Sen, we're glad to year that your eye is getting better.
    Tama, good job on testing out those fresh sheets.
    Tom, we love the frisbee! we can't wait to see you in motion with it!


  8. My dear Tom, your current frisbee is looking absolutely decrepit! It has more punctures than a sieve! You should have #1 pull out that fancy new official JFDA frisbee out, pronto! And never mind the cold! There's a frisbee to be caught!

    AAAAaaah, Sen- and Tama-chan! Basking in the sun is the perfect thing to do today.

  9. Sen-Chan you have to take better care of yourself! We does not like seeing you sick-ed still.. we is still purring for you to get better all quicker even :)
    Tama-Chan it is a ladies job to check that the beds are fit for company, it must be perfect and the only way to test... :p hehe
    Tom you is such a very lucky woofie, to have big long plays every day! It is just extra wonderful! :)


  10. Sen-Chan, I'm so glad your eye is feeling better. Tama-Chan, great job testing the freshly made beds. Tom, your old frisbee definitely looks well-used. It looks like a new one is the perfect gift for you. Those are lovely pictures of all of you.

  11. Hi Sen chan and Tama chan!
    It looks like you have a nice sunny winter day.
    I am also happy to hear that Sen chans eyes are getting better. YOKATTA!!
    Hi Tom kun! nice Frisbee! Enjoy it!
    hug hug hug
    kiss kiss kiss

  12. Oh Sen-Chan my sweety, you have been a poorly sick boy in my absence... Now come here and let me look after you and you can share some of my Birthday goodies too! :)

    Purrs and kitty kisses,

  13. Good to know you are feeling better. A little sunshine does a body good.


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