Wednesday 10 December 2008


Tom: Things are getting busier and busier around here. This morning, we got up earlier than usual and it was barely light when #1 and I walked up the lane to stretch our legs. She then left us home and was gone for a while. She says she took the car in for its repair work, and she came back with a cute little thing! It doesn't even have as many doors as our regular car!

Anyway, thanks, everyone, for your concern about my stop pad cut. #1 says I am a typical little boy, always getting cuts. The reason why this happens is that the fields around here are full of stones and some of them are quite sharp. Being the kind of dog I am, I need to run free (and fast!) at least an hour a day, so I get the occasional war wound. #1 keeps saying she is going to investigate booties. Can you see ME in booties? Anyway, here I am this morning, for anyone who was worried the cut might affect my Frisbee form:

Tama-Chan: I am the first girl cat that #1 has ever had, and she is simply overwhelmed at how helpful I am turning out to be around the house! Yesterday, she tackled the long-overdue (I think it was due since before I was born...) task of defrosting the fridge, and I was there with her all the way:

Sen-Chan: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....................


  1. Ohh Tom your form is superb!! We knowz boys gets knocks and bumps, I even hurt my little stop pad once too! But lucky we is equipped with good lickity spits to heal them up quick.. didn't stop Momma fussing over me though to check on it all the time.. shhesh.. hehe
    Tama_Chan you are being a perfect little girl kitteh, Momma's love the company when going about their chores, my sisfur is always helping the Momma.
    Sen-Chan I hope you are still on the mend my fuuriend, it is best to sleep, it heals quicker :))


  2. I didn't think a cut could slow you down Tom! I wish I could run and play with you every day! We don't have that kind of room around our house.

    Tama- Chan looks like a very good helper.

    I think Sen-Chan has the right idea!


  3. Thanks for worrying about me. Mommie ordered me a feliway diffuser thing today that is supposed to make me feel better. I'm still not telling her what is wrong, but I'm sure she will figure it out soon.

    Tom, I am glad your boo boo doesn't stop you from playing with your frisbee.

    Tama, you are very very helpfull! Mommie won't let me help clean out the food box, but thats prolly because we don't have food in there. Hehe.

  4. Tom kun!
    That is good you can play around outside! That photo is amazing! You are really good at Frisbee!
    Hey Tama chan!
    You are a good helper! Dont you feel cold?
    Hi Sen chan!

  5. Hehe, I was the first girl kitty the LL ever had too and she said we're certainly different! Right up in your business :). Booties would be nice Tom! Horses wear shoes....maybe you should try it too?


  6. Be careful with those stones, Tom!

    Tama-Chan you are such a good girlcat. So helpful! Alas our mom doesn't cherish our help that much. Sometimes she squeaks something about "quit snoopervising EVERYTHING". She's downright rude, we think.
    Purrs from your girlcat friends Siena & Chilli.
    P.S.: Sen-Chan - you name it!

  7. Tom, you are looking fine! I can't really picture you in booties though. maybe hi-tops!!

    Tama-Chan, you are such a great little lady already! I am sure #1 appreciated a co-pilot!

    Sen-Chan. sleep on, hope you are feeeling much better soon!

    Purrs Goldie

  8. How exciting, a new vehicle! What kind did you get? H-mom and Man-dad went to look at MINIVANS last night, because Man-dad says "We got a HORSE not a DOG" and he is worried about Madison fitting in the Nitro. H-Mom is going to have to blog a little about cars and big dogs. It's a burning issue in the house this week.

  9. Actually Tom I can see you wearing a couple of pairs of Doc Martins. Kinda 80s retro!

    Tama, what a helpful cat you are, ice is such fun to play with indoors where it's nice and warm.

    Sen-Chan, sweet dreams!

    Whicky Wuudler

  10. Tom
    I'm so glad the "waw wound"isn't slowing you down..that is a vewy bootiful leap.
    Tama chenI think youw Mum must be vewy gwateful fow all the help you awe giving hew at this busy time of the yeaw..sweet dweams Sen chan
    smoochie kisses

  11. Playing outside is always good, Tom.
    Here is everyone busy too.
    Tama-Chan, your are a good little helper. Isn´t that too cold for your paws.
    Sen-chan, you are doing like Patch today...zzzzzz

    Luna, Luzie, Olli and Patch

  12. Ouch we has heard from woofie Jake dat stones dun feel so gud sumtimes. We fink booties wud be great so yoo dun get cuts but what furry really wants to wear bean stuff? *shrug*

    Good job wif helpin and snoopervising Tama Chan!

  13. Wowww....that is very cool that you doing at the fridge....
    I am impressed!

  14. Nap well Sweety and think of me, I'm off to visit Solo for a few days now and promise to think of you much of the time... :) However if I'm good and mate today I could well have Valentine's Day kittens!!!! :)

    Purrs and kitty kisses,

    PS: Tama please look after Sen-Chan for me while I'm away making kittens with Solo. Oh and I'm very pleased that you are so like me in enjoying helping out around the house! :)

  15. Well Tama-Chan,you are not afraid of cold feet..keep up the good work dear:)

  16. Tom, It looks like your injury isn't slowing you down one bit. That's great! Tama-Chan, it looks like you are an excellent frosty pawed helper. San-Chan, sweet dreams.


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