Thursday 4 December 2008

Thunderous Thursday

Tom: We are all back together at home (I had a very nice day at Pie's yesterday, as usual!), but things have been rather thunderous here this morning.... Firstly, #1 got an estimate from the garage on the work that needs to be done on the car and she was NOT happy that there was one more zero than she expected there. But she decided it would not be a good idea to let the wheels fall off, so the bearings will be replaced. Phew! I ride in that car a a lot you know!

And then, there was the weather, it was nastier than nasty this morning and #1 was not enthused about stepping out in it. But I will give it to her, she did it for me. I must say I wasn't absolutely convinced either, even though I am an all-weather dog...

All told, this turned out to be the better option:

As well as playing with my tiny sister. She told me she missed me yesterday! You know I am the one for whom she purrs loudest!


  1. Sun is coming after the rain.
    So this afternoon is better than the morning.
    Happy you're all together, isn't the case here, still waiting ViVi & kitty from the clinic.
    Baf & AB

  2. Uh oh, one zero more than expected? That is very bad! Be careful #1 still can get Christmas presents for you.
    The weather is terrible here, too. Right now it is raining and as dark as if were 18:00h already. Even Siena only sat around on the roofed terrace and didn't venture any further. She admires your all-weather-compability, Tom. Chilli has a confession to make: She's afraid of #1. She says that #1 is Santa Paws spy because she has been living all around the world (apparently, only someone who works for Santa can do that in her logic). And now, because she hasn't been *that* good lately, she's afraid there will be no presents for her. So, #1, are you working for Santa Paws?
    Siena & Chilli

  3. Actually, #1 has a bit of a soft spot for Chilli (as well as for Siena OF COURSE!) and she whispered nice things about both of them into Santa Paws' ear!

    Tama-Chan (has been known to be naughty too...)

  4. Ahhhhhh my Springer used to look at the cat just like that - then he would angle in to take a few hooks to the face, using his ears as shields ... sorry about the car. We hate automobile issues. They always make you feel at the mercy of someone with a wrench.

    PS our verification is "inche" is that an Olde English "inch?" lol

  5. My Word Verification says "berbill"! I think it is trying to tell you to bury the car bill. Yep.

  6. Tom that is like the sweetest thing ever that little Tama-Chan purrs loudest for you. I adored my woofie more than anyone else in the world too but she lives with my grandparents now. I miss her.


  7. Did you read Eric's plan to slip into his Mommy's handbag and come over here? Then the two of us are going to sneak back to London in his 2-leggeds bags and hop the Eurostar to come visit you!

    If only....

    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica

  8. Oh, those extra zeros make my mom say bad words! But it's good the car will be safe for you to ride in.


  9. Our mom says that "car woes" are the worst and that when she is sitting at the shop, awaiting the mechanic's verdict and estimate, it is usually as bad if not worse than waiting for the doctor.

    An All-Weather Dog! We like the sound of that concept. We are indoor-only cats, so we can only imagine what it's like to frisk through the wet grass. . . um, well, maybe not. We will leave that to you, Tom Kun.

    Abby & Stygia

  10. We dun understand why da beans worry bout those metal machines so much?

    By da way, yer furs look extra ruddy today!

  11. Tom you'll be the one missing your little sister today as she's coming over to Miss Peach's tea party with me now! :) We shall have tea and cake and kitty treats and talk about girlykitty stuff (that's beauty treatments, tasty treats and mancats for the less enlightened!) ;)

    Purrs & kitty kisses for Sen-Chan,

  12. Tom, for a dog who quite rightly doesn't like going out in the nasty weather but still braves it, you sure manage to stay incredibly clean. We never see any mud on you at all! What is your secret?
    We hope the huge number of zeros on that bill doesn't spoil your weekend and you all have lots of fun!

    Whicky Wuudler

  13. Tom, you must be the sweetest woofie in all the world, Sen and Tama-Chan looking up to you and loving you like they do... Ohh it makes me wish so hard for a woofie now...
    PES: I hopez you give-ed your Momma lots of extra slurpy kissies for taking you out today :)


  14. That was so sweet of #1 to go out with you even in such terrible weather.


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