Friday 19 December 2008

Frantic Friday

Tama-Chan: I am writing today because my big brother, Sen-Chan, has been a little out of it since he went to the vet's yesterday for his booster shots. The lethargy apparently lasts 24-48 hours when it happens to cats, so we hope he'll snap out of it soon. When he came back from the vet's, he didn't even come out of his carrier!

#1 is frantic (as usual?) as she has a dozen or more people coming this evening. It's a pot-luck but, strangely enough, no one volunteered to come and clean the house! Anyway, she got this highly unusual shot of all three of us this morning:

We were all tagged yesterday by Bolo to show our silliest Christmas ornament, so here is ours:

Isn't it great? Especially that little white feather!

I had better stop here as my typist says she had better take Tommy out for a run, otherwise he might just explode...


  1. Get better soon Sen-Chan! Tom, you didn't explode did you? I hope not. How was the party? Did everyone worship all of you?

  2. Poor Sen-Chan. We do not feel like ourselves when we get back from the Vet. We usually hide!

    We hope you enjoy your evening of company! Years ago, Mom would be a Cleaning Fiend if guests were coming over... Now, not so much. She has adopted the attitude that they are either family or friends, and our house is always good enough for family or friends, and she doesn't invite anyone but family or friends!

  3. Hi little Sen -Chen, we hope you recover soon.

  4. Hi Sen chan! GENKI?
    Getting better soon! I know I love my carrier too.
    I love the photo of you guy. Volunteer to help your mom!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Poor Sen-Chan. You look angry in your kennel. We hope you start feeling better soon.

    That is a great picture of the three of you together!

    Good luck with your pot luck tonight! I am sure everyone will have a wonderful time!


  6. I hope you feel better soon, Sen-Chan! That's one funky cat ornament, but I love the feather best. I love anything that reeks of bird!

  7. Get well soon Sen_Chan. That is agreat pic of all of you togther. We are hoping for such a pic here at the amigo house...but I think it would be a very long time coming.

  8. That sure is a cute little ornament!

    I hope Sen-Chan feels better soon. I think there is an injection he can get for the reaction to the immunization if he's not feeling better soon.

  9. My poor Sen Chan, visits to the vets are not fun.
    You have wonderfull X'Mas ornaments and your home is allways open for friends : that is great!
    ViVi & AB

  10. Sen-Chan I hope you feel better soon, sometimes those shots just floor us too. That's a lovely picture of you all together!

    Rumbly purrs

    Whicky Wuudler

    Pee Ess: We think your cat ornament is sweet!

  11. Awww, Sen-Chan we are sorry you are not feeling yourself. Hope you feel better soon!

  12. Do not worry Momma, Mushka and I is always sick for a couple of days after our boosters and every time Momma gets all worried.. you think she would know by now :)
    It sounds like your Momma is flat out! I thinks you guys should give her a little hand! he would like that :)
    PES: Momma LOVES your Chrissymouse ornament! :)


  13. We hope you feel better soon, Sen-Chan. Sometimes it's just best to sleep off those unpleasant vet visits, even if you do have the nicest vet in the world.

    Abby & Styggie

  14. Oh Sen-Chan, your odysee never stops, does it! I hope that by the time I'm pawing this, you are back to your normal lovely self. Remember, you are the prime attraction of the evening! The ornament IS funny but you get extra points for it being a cat!
    Purrs, Siena

    P.S.: Can't wait for your card, it will be the first card in my lifetime!!! And thank you for telling me your beauty flaws. I think nocat understood WHERE EXACTLY that dark spot is, but I didn't want to be more explicit.

  15. The photo of the three of you is very arty. You look like you are conspiring on some type of anti-human plan, and that you were busted ... hope it has nothing to do with the "pot-luck" as in who would be the luckest one to steal a POT of something really good!


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