Friday 12 December 2008

"I told you!" and Meme

Tom: Remember when I said something a few days ago but Tama-Chan and the tree. Well, they DO say that dogs are very intuitive....

That little girl obviously thinks she's a star! The damage so far is 2 or 3 decorations (#1 had the great idea of putting the breakable ones near the top...). We have now sprayed the bottom with repellent but #1 would like to ask our friends in the blogosphere if anyone has any good ideas on ways to keep an extremely naughty kitten out of the Christmas tree?

In other news, our friends Abby and Stygia tagged us for the 6th photo meme, so #1 went looking, and this is what she found:

A wonderful image of a ride through the woods, pulled by two Percheron horses!

We would also like to thank Abby and Stygia for this award. We have received it before, so will not pass it on again, but its always an honour and a delight to receive such kindness!


  1. BOL!

    I think tama-chan makes a GREAT star on your Christmas tree!

    Sorry to hear about the ornaments. Collateral damage could not be avoided I am sure.

    Did you guys get to go for the ride through the woods? It's very cool!

    Congrats on your award! We LOVE your blog too!


  2. MomBean asked DadBean the same question- how to prevent us from getting in the tree. They are "Assembling" it this weekend- we don't know how on earth you "Assemble" a plant.
    Anyways, Dad's answer:
    "Just don't put up any breakable ornaments".
    Mom sighed at him when he said that. What's a breakable ornament?! We like this word, "breakable!"

  3. Tama-Chan, very good work there! I am impressed, this is what Christmas is about, redesigning the decorations feline style. You have a natural talent there.

    Congratulations on your award, have a jolly weekend all of you!

    Whicky Wuudler

  4. We have decided not to put up a tree this year on account of Harley. But when I was younger and got into trouble, I got squirted with a little squirt gun. Your mom has to make sure that Tama does not see who is squirting her so she associates the little blast of water with climbing the tree.

  5. Kitties and trees are such a wicked combination. When had both, we always TIED our ornaments on with ribbon. A pain to dismantle, but it saved a lot of broken treasures.

  6. I never climbed the tree so I'm sorry I can't help. I do however really enjoy plucking ornaments :). Most if not all of ours are plastic.

    Cool trip through the woods! That must be so much fun.


  7. She's a beautiful star! And a gorgeous ornament, too!
    I don't really know how to dissuader her from climbing..I've never been interested in our tree.

  8. Great photos! We fear that there is no good method to keep Tama-Chan from exploring the tree. Except for something more interesting, maybe. "Good luck"! And pleeeeez don't tell our mom if you DO find a method. ; )
    Siean & Chilli

  9. Dear #1,
    Didn't anyone ever tell you that Christmas trees are really just big, pine-scented cat-toys?

    Now you know! We cats are on Tama-chan's side here.

    Abby & Stygia

  10. we think that Tama-Chan should be allowed to stay in the tree. she looks like an ornament herself and it's a perfect place for her.


  11. Tama-Chan, wasn't it sweet of #1 to bring a tree indoors especially for you to climb on. It's a lot of work to knock all of the ornaments off, but it's worth the effort. (My mommy knew that we would be doing the exact same thing, so she didn't even attempt to put up a tree this year.) That's a wonderful picture of the Percheron horses.

  12. Hahahha Tama-Chan you is a naughty little minx!! :)
    I wish I could tell you what would keep us out.. that would mean I had actually had the chance to play in one... one day... ;)

    Wow your woods are so puretty and the horsies.. well it just feels like going back in time.. so so pretty!
    Congrats on your awardie :))


  13. Hey WANPAKU Tama chan!
    Yeah, you are a brilliant star!

  14. Tama-Chan, you are the most beautiful ornament on the christmas tree.

  15. Now Tama-Chan, exactly what did you do? Step by step.

    Purrs Banshee

    PS~ We got your card yesterday! It is very pretty, thanks so much!!!

  16. The pictures from Tama in the tree are Hilarious...

  17. Tama Chan it's may be not the right time to look after presents in the X'Mas tree, but who teached you to climb in the trees?
    Uncle's U give us some balls to play with on the floor, but we imagine the fun to have such tree in the house....
    ViVi & AB


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