Saturday, 13 December 2008

Saturday at Home

Sen-Chan: The weather absolutely stinks (and of course, it is outdoor Christmas market weekend in the town where we live!) and #1 is getting stressed out because she has not yet finished getting packages ready to mail overseas. She did some yesterday but there are several left to go plus lots of Christmas cards. She says this is what she feels like:

... arms akimbo and screaming in despair!!! She took that photo yesterday, when we had a very foggy morning.

Anyway, Tama-Chan and I are engaging in much more suitable pursuits:

Tommy actually went outside with #1 and ran around. Can you believe that?


  1. I hope #1 doesn't get too stressed out. :( I think you cats have got it right, I'll be off to snooze soon.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  2. H-Mom was up until 2 am decorating the condo with the teen-human, getting ready for a party after the Winterfest Boat Parade. Boy she is tired today, not stressed, but really wiped out. Maybe she will fall asleep during the parade!

  3. Aaaaahhhhh! That tree! It looks like a giant HAND!

  4. It's that time of year to feel stressed out. We are sure that #1 manages everything just in the right time. Paws crossed!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli
    P.S.: Our mom has only one present so far, we imagine she feels similiar...

  5. You guys take the best fog pix!

    That tree is a little scary... stay away from it ok.

    I hope you had fun playing Tom!


  6. Oh, please do not worry! Christmas will come, even if you don't have everything on your list done!

    Is Tama-Chan still climbing the tree? We did that the first year, and now we just take naps on the tree skirt.

  7. We're sleeping too!! It's supposed to rain here today-right now it's super windy or "blustery" as mom says it!! She's loving the weather! She just came back from the park with the dog, Velcro!!!

    We'd like to send you a holiday card-will you email mom at pennysprague at gmail dot come


    Kodak, 3 Perf, Blossom and Velcro

  8. That's one scary tree, our Mum used to ride past a similarly scary tree years ago and she swears the horses hated it too.

    Tom you are bonkers going out in this weather, take note of Sen and Tama's sensible Saturday option fella!


  9. hehe we agree with Whicky we were scrolling down to post how scary that tree looked and saw Whickys!
    Iz it haunted? I bet it groans and moans lots! *shiver*

    It is good to see you keeping each other warm Tama and sen-Chan :)
    And Tommy I am sure would love it in any weather.. I thinks most woofies haves ADD :P hhe


  10. It looks very cold where you live! That is a cute cozy napping picture...good to stay warm inside when it is so cold!

  11. Hi Sen chan!
    I always think that you live in such a beautiful place. My mom and dad are making a lot of NENGA JO now. They look busy and dont play with me. Tom kun is lucky he can play with #1 outside. It is good for #1 too!
    Take care!

  12. That's a lovely picture of the stressed-out tree. It's so sweet to see you and Tama-Chan napping together.

  13. I really cannot believe Tom went out and ran around in that weather! And I bet he laughed the whole time, too!


  14. hi kiddos, christmas is such a stressful time for humans. it looks like you kitties have the right idea - just relaxing together! well, Tom has the right idea too - there's nothing better than running around.



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