Thursday 11 December 2008

Thoughts on Thursday

Sen-Chan: Only a few days left to go on my antibiotic treatment and I am feeling MUCH better. Which means I can devote more time to thinking, which is hard to do when you're all stuffed up.

I have been thinking about the changes that have come over my life recently. I mean, there I was, a footloose and fancy-free young man-cat, spending my days cuddling with #1, hanging out with Tommy, and occasionally making forays onto the roof or up trees. And then, all of a sudden, I have the care of a tiny little girl kitten. You will remember how, early on, she screamed and screamed every time I laid a paw on her, but those days are long gone. She now expects me to provide cuddles, playtime, and education!

I am taking my task very seriously:

Even when she is pretending really hard that I am her mother:

Believe me, THAT was quite a shock the first time around!

I try to get her to listen to me...

But she is a kitten after all.

Still, life is never dull, and I am never lonely anymore when #1 and Tommy go out, so I asked #1 to swing by the Tree of the Fairies in the Big Field, to say thank you on my behalf for my little sister, Tama-Chan.

You can see from the light that the fairies were in residence...


  1. Looks like you're taking good care of her Sen-chan.
    Nose kisses to all of you!
    Pei-Ess, Thank you for the card!

  2. Sen Chan you 're an inestimable brother....
    ViVi & AB

  3. Sen-Chan, you are such a wonderful big brudder!

  4. Very good big brotherly work, Sen-Chan. I, admittingly, chase Chilli around and hand out the occasional bitey in the butt, har, har, har. I'd say it's her fault though, she can be quite enerving. I will show videos to proof my point.
    I am sure the fairies accepted your thank-you and will continue to watch over you! Glad to hear that you are getting better.
    Purrs, Siena

  5. You are a great brother! Latte tried to nurse on me once...I let him, I mean what else are you gonna do? I love your special tree.


  6. Oh! The Tree of the Fairies is simply magnificent! Do you often get to see the Fairies?

    Sen-Chan, we are so glad you and Tama-Chan found each other!

  7. Sen-Chan you are such a beautiful wise kitteh, your smarts is way beyond your years :))
    We are very happy that you are feeling better!
    And we needs a beautiful fairy tree here me thinks!! :))


  8. You are very patient and sweet with your little sister. I really like the picture of her trying to nurse on you!

    Your friend,

  9. Awwww Sen-Chan you make a wonderful big brother!

    That last picture is just magical!


  10. hello sen-chan its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow a fairy tree!!! do they sell those at lowes or armstrong nersery do yoo think??? ok bye

  11. You are a wonderful brother. Tama-Chan is a very lucky kitty to have such a great brother.The tree of the fairies is truly magical.

  12. It's good to know that you are finding being a brother as joyful as I do! :) Even when Isis used to use me as her own personal practice kitten and I spent days at a time with soggy ears and furs in general... ;) Yes, from a kitten she has had a very strong mothering instinct and as such is always there to look after me now when I feel a little unwell. Right now I'm really missing her, but Mummy got a call from Solo's Mum this morning to say they're getting on pretty well already. So paws crossed they'll mate soon as I so wanna be an Uncle again! :)



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