Saturday 20 December 2008

In-Between Saturday

Tom: We are calling today "In-Between Saturday" because we are between pot lucks! We had 14 people over last night and everyone had a great time. I got some great treats and the humans drank too much Champagne. We have another 14 coming tomorrow for lunch! More treats for me?! And this evening, one of my favourite guests, Auntie L, is arriving to spend Christmas with us!

In between all of this entertaining, #1 has found the time to take care of my exercise needs. Yesterday, Pie came over with Ms. A, plus two other doggies who were staying with them, Pam and Plume. We all went for a romp in the field and Madrac joined us too!

I ran and the girls grazed... Madrac's family has gone away for Christmas, so she is staying with us this week!

Tama-Chan: I have been taking good care of my brother, Sen-Chan, and he is almost all recovered from his attack of the blahs after his booster shots. When #1 came down this morning, she found us in full snoopervising mode.


There's so much exciting stuff going on at the moment: lots of visitors, furniture being moved around to make room for tables, a doggie I didn't know staying at the house. But when I need a little extra entertaining, I always go back to the tried and true...


  1. Those are the bestest photos ever! We love, love, love the ultimate one, oh and the first one and of course the one with the P-girls grazing and Tom leading the way! You lot are amazingly busy and even managed to send us this lovely Christmas card! It arrived today and we're absolutely smitten by the lovely kitties and woofies on it. It is sitting with us on mom's writing desk. Thank you furry much! And have a lovely Saturday.
    Siena, Chilli & Britta

  2. You are very, very brave. Whenever we have visitors, I spend the entire time under the bed.

  3. Gotta say I just *love* the cats' coloring & the way the light plays over their bodies. And Tom is a wonderfully handsome woofie, too!

  4. We mostly hide from visitors, unless it is our Uncle Allen. How wonderful that you will be getting all those treats!

  5. Tom looks like he has spotted something, and all the dogs are oblivious. Get it! Madison gets the crazy jumpies hoppies in long grass - she would be a nut in your open field!

  6. hi kids, Tom, we're glad you're still getting plenty of exercise. we wouldn't want you to get fat and lazy! hee hee. we know there is no way that can happen.

    Tama-Chan, that's a nice tail that you have to play with. does it belong to Sen-Chan?


  7. Oh wow guys your place is a full on hive of activity! :))
    Make sure you all gets to sleep enough too!

    PES: he Momma says how can you drink "too much?" ehe


  8. ha ha, I play with Misty's tail when I need something to do. I hide when visitors are brave.

  9. Thank you Tom for your hospitality, with the help of Sen Chan (who came to everyone for a special welcome) and Tama Chan and well trained #1.
    Uncle's U loves champagne too!eh!!!

  10. Gosh what a sociable time you are all having!

    I hope you all get some quiet moments, it would be sad if you could get no naps!


  11. Running in your field looks very exciting, Tommy! I think I would like to do that some time..just like Tama and Sen-chan do! The smells must be glorious!

  12. Lots of visitors? Yoo guys must be brave fer sure! We hides when lots of beans come round.

  13. Your skill with "tail-getting" is definitely on the rise! We like the way you've caused it to frill a bit.

    Abby & Stygia


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