Monday 29 December 2008

The Princess, the Wise Cat and the Very Good Boy...


Tama-Chan as The Princess

Sen-Chan as The Wise Cat

and Tom as The Very Good Boy

We are going t0 be TAKING A BREAK from blogging for a few days as our scribe, #1, is going off to England to her nephew's wedding. She can't take us with her, sniff...., but a very nice couple from Oz (really!), Phil and Lyndy, are here to spoil us silly. We hope to be back blogging the weekend of January 10th. In the meantime, we wish all our friends well and look forward to lots more blogging fun in 2009!


  1. We'll miss you all! But we hope you Mom has a very wonderful time at the wedding!

    Do you think they have Tiaras for Princess Kitties? Mom loves her Tiara!

  2. I will see you all soon. Have a happy new year!

  3. Have fun in England #1!
    We will miss your posts "The Poupounette".

    We hope Sen-Chan fell better, the three look submitted, they know they have great care.
    ViVi & AB

  4. Its very good to be the Princess isn't it? Have a nice time with your care takers but we are going to miss you!


  5. I'll miss you guys! Happy 2009 to you!

  6. Have a great time #1! And a happy New Year!

  7. Do Phil and Lindy know the Wizard of Oz?

    You all look so cute and cuddly. We will miss your posts, but we wish your human a superb holiday in Merry Olde England!

    Happy New Year,

  8. We hope #1 had a wonderful trip. We will miss you.

  9. You three are looking as gorgeous as ever! Hope #1 has a wonderful trip and you all get spoiled by your caretakers!!

    See you in 2009!

    Purrs Goldie, Shade and Banshee

  10. WE hope you all have an very wonderful New Year and your Momma has a mega wonderful visit!!!
    WE can not wait to hear your adventures about your travels when you get back!

    Travel safe and have lots and lots of fun!! :))

  11. We all hope dat yer beans has a safe trip.


    Happy New Year!! We all hope its filled with lots of new and great things for you and yer beans. =)

    I is Jake!
    Mommy Bean Laure
    TT's spirit

  12. Take care,and a very Happy happy happy New Year..

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  14. When you're around cats, the good boy is the only role left.


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