Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Tuesday is Sen-Day!

Sen-Chan: Never mind toes, tails, tummies and tongues, #1 has decreed that there has not been enough of ME in recent posts, so today is going to be my day this week!

But before that, do any of our friends have any news of Dragonheart and Merlin? They suddenly disappeared, which is most unlike them. It's now been two whole weeks and and we are getting worried!

So, me...... aside from my ongoing baby-sitting and training duties...

I have been perched up high, atop the new cat condo in the study, supervising the birds at the feeder...

and I have of course been helping #1 with her work and with blogging...

and hanging with my brother Tom...

He says that this photo is ultimate proof that his feet smell sweet...

All in all, a pretty good life, I would say!


  1. Love that photo of you in front of the computer screen, Sen-Chan. Your coat just glows.

    Your friend,

  2. Sen-Chan you have a wonderful life!!!

    How many cats do you know that have their own cool perch to watch birds?
    I bet not many.

    Have a wonderful day sweetie!

  3. Sen-Chan, I'm so glad you've stuck up for yourself..I haven't seen nearly enough of you lately! I always like to see you out in the fields, huntin'! But inside supervisin' the birds is furry important, too. That's a neat perch you've got!

    And, no, I haven't seen anything of Dragonheart and Merlin..I hope they're okay!.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful life you have Sen-Chan. Glad to see Tom's toes smell sweetly!

    Haven't heard anything from those sphynx boys. They mentioned computer problems a few weeks ago. Maybe theirs finally kicked the bucket.

    Purrs Goldie, Shade and Banshee

  5. You are being such a good brother to Tama, it makes me love you even more Sen-Chan! :) Oh and yes I do have a sister called Noodle, in fact it's Noodle Doodle in full... Yes, I count myself lucky to have come off with such a nice name (even my official one) - but you know I'd never put up with less! ;)

    Purrs and kitty kisses,

    PS: I'm worried about Merlin & Dragonheart too... :(

  6. We are happy to see you in a beautifull shape Sen Chan,
    your friends
    ViVi & AB

  7. I see you have been very busy!

    I was wondering where Dragonheart and Merlin have been, too. If they go out of town, they usually post something so we know.

  8. It's the perfect life Sen-Chan! How lovely to see that many photos of you. You lead a very fullfilled mancat-life. And how nice of you to actually use the cat-condo! Upon my request, mom has put up bird food too. Until now, no bird is to be seen, but I think they'll figure it out some day. Har, har, har...
    Purrs, Siena

  9. I agree its great to see your silky fur.

    I've tried to contact DH & Merlin but I'll try again. I'm worried too.


  10. Sen-Chan you are so busy! I hope you managed to get in some sleeping. We agree about dog feet smelling sweet. You are just so golden, we almost need sunglasses!

    Whicky Wuudler

  11. Sen-Chan,
    We bet that training is hard work. You manage to look gorgeous no matter what you are doing, but we think you look especially aristocratic while watching the birds!

    Abby & Stygia

  12. D&M were having computer problems. Maybe it broked completely now!

    Sen-Chan, you are simply magnificent! So, do Tom's feets really smell sweet?

  13. Sen_Chan I am glad you said about Dragonheart and Merlin... we woz wondering the same thing too but did not know what to say about it.
    I hopez they is just busy iz all...
    Ohhh and your life Sen-Chan... we all here are just in awe of it :)
    I bet you iz the most relaxed families in the whole wide world! (our one anyways hehe)
    haha and Tom we never thought your feet smelt buddie :)


  14. Yoo sit dat close to a woofie? Oh my cats we could not do dat!

    DH and Merlin's bean hadid puter problems so we is wonderin if the puter is not workin no more?


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