Wednesday, 19 November 2008

If it's Wednesday, it must be...... WHISKERS!!!!

Sen-Chan: According to #1, whisker photography is a delicate art as the light must be just right, and it's better not to use the flash. She was rather pleased with this picture she took of mine:

Aaaah, the wonders of a little sunshine!

Tama-Chan: In my case, it was sunshine PLUS a little luck! This picture was taken by #1 before I came to live with her and the boys, when she would visit me regularly at Uncle U's. I was sitting in my carrier, outside, on a sunny day. Isn't it FUN?!

Tom: Well...... I guess I can't really compete with the kitties on the whisker thing, but #1 says that I give off such a wonderful overall impression that it doesn't really matter at all! 


  1. Tama certainly does have pretty whiskers, her Mum must have been very good (just like Isis is) not to nibble them off like so many momma cats do!


  2. Hi Sen chan and Tama chan!
    You have beautiful whiskers. I love the photos.
    Tom kun!
    You are a pretty boy!
    wags wags

  3. Tama-Chan looks like she's going to (or hearing) Confession in some thriller that takes place in a church ...

  4. It's Waoffnderfull!!! whiskers.....

    Your friends
    WiWi & AB

  5. We love those whiskers! Someone told Madison that she has whiskers like an old Italian lady. Hahahahahaa, she was not offended ... she is an honorary Italian now, even if she is a German breed!

  6. My mom agrees that it's hard to get good wisker-shots. #1 did a very good job an yours!
    Oh, Tom, you can have everything, can you?!
    What was that, Tama-Chan? "You can?" Oh, well, KITTENS!
    Purrs, Siena

    P.S.We're at the stage now that Siena licks her sometimes and then suddenly pounces her. You're right: Time will tell. Thank you!

  7. Hello friends!
    We have allowed our mom to have a vacation, but now she has returned, and we are so happy to see your wonderful whiskers. Tom, with eyes like yours, we wouldn't notice the whiskers anyway...!

    Abby & Stygia

  8. Lovely prize winning whiskers from Sen-Chan
    Beautiful shadows from Tama Chan
    ..and good old majesty from lovely Tom.

    Thank you for your purrs and woofs, Gabbi has improved since this morning, so I think they worked!

    Whicky Wuudler

  9. Hello there! We saw your names on Niamh's blog and wanted to come by and say 'woooooof'! Our mom's (human) mom has a kitty named Tama and she is sometime called Tama-Chan as well! :)

    Momo & Pinot

  10. I am whisker deficient also Tom. The kitties do look very impressive. You look very dignified and handsome in that photo.

    Your friend,

  11. For a woofie Tom you sure are do have such charm about you :)


  12. Yep, Tom, overall, that impression is pretty darn good!

    And all the kitty whiskers are very purty!

    I didn't know that mama cats nibble off their kittens whiskers..why do you suppose they do that?

  13. Those are amazing whisker pics. The sunshine is magical.

  14. BOL... great expression Tom!

    Wonderful whiskers our kitty and Cat friends!


  15. We would like to send you a holiday card. Could you please email us your mailing address at
    Thank you!


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