Thursday 20 November 2008

The Chase

Tom: There is nothing better than that moment, when you KNOW she's going to throw the stick, and you are all ready to spring!

and chase...

Tama-Chan: I like chasing too, starting with diving under the covers...

You never knew what might be lurking there...

Sen-Chan: I like to chase..... in my dreams.....

Yep! Those hind paws are running somewhere...


  1. Tom I can see that you are ready to fetch whatever they throw for you. I bet you are super fast too!

    Cute cats all sprawled out and comfy. It doesn't get better than that!


  2. Hi Tom kun!
    You have a nice playground! I wish I could run with you!
    Hi Sen chan and Tama chan!
    You guys are sooo long!!
    wags wags

  3. You're such a Springer, Tom!
    Tama-Chan, did you do this while #1 was under the blanket? Try it, she'll react in a funny way...
    Sen-Chan, what did you chase in your dreams?
    Purrs, Siena

  4. That looks so fun, Tommy! I'll bet you look great bounding over the grass-or do you streak through it? And the gatos, ah, the gatos! Tama, those undercover mice are lurking! Sen-chan, i can only catch those creepy squirrels in my dreams!

  5. Woofies and sticks must be like Kitties and fev-vers! It is pure joy and excitement, Tom!

    We read your back posts from while Mom was gone and Mom squee-d like crazy when she saw Sen-Chan grooming Tama-Chan! Yay! How adorable is That!!

  6. Go, Tom, go! Chasing stuff is very fun!

    ps: Hahahah! My Word Verification says "mudrope"

  7. Hey Scooter--
    Thanks for visiting my blog and then voting for my big brother Chance, who I idolize!

    Sen is sooooo veerrrry loooong! I would love to round up all the sticks with you Tom!

    Your pal,

  8. Chase! Chase! Chase! Even in sleep you just can't beat a good chase!

    Whicky Wuudler

  9. You cats have the right idea. Chase in your dreams, unless it's over the furniture.

    JFF Cats

    No, no, no! You've got to get out and CHASE in real life.

    JFF Woofies

  10. That right there is a kissable belly! Belly kiss alert!!!


  11. Tom that is a great action shot, you must be super speedy! :)
    Sen, I wish that was a video and we could see your running.. Momma is melting hehe


  12. That's where you get the "springer" in your spaniel, our friend!

  13. I love how you are pointing and waiting for the stick. Chasing is so fun for dogs and cats.

    Your friend,

  14. Oh my Sen-Chan your belly fluff is divine! :) I too like to do things in my sleep, well in Mummy's sleep really. Like investigate her shoulder that had the Fizzy-O done to it! ;)

    Purrs and kitty kisses,

  15. Tom you are great hunter!
    ViVi & AB

  16. What wonderful action shots of each of you! I usually make my mommy "fetch" my kitty toys after I drag them away from her, but Tom really makes playing by the real rules such great fun. You look absolutely gorgeous!


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