Sunday 20 February 2022

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: Hello, Dear Friends and welcome to our weekly SoS post! This week, I think I shall start with the horses as we have a full set for once!

Here's a cute selfie of #1 and Hotesse:

And a kiss fromViolette:

One with The Big V. You can see Ollie's beloved Noelle in the background!

And one with Heloise who had another great work week!

I have of course been snuggling with #1:

As has Benny:

And Benny and Ollie always snuggle with each other and #1 in bed in the morning!

Can you see Benny? He is the black blob stuck to Ollie!!!


  1. Lovely snuggles. Ollie and Benny really love each other.

  2. So many great snuggles this week !!!!!
    Love the horse snuggles and the shaggy Vidock :)
    Tama, you look pretty happy snuggling with #1
    Benny and Ollie seem to be great pals :)
    Purrs, Julie

  3. yes I see the black blob stuck to Ollie. and really enjoyed all of #1 kisses with Kats and Horses.

  4. So many snuggled!

    I've lost count of how many snuggles I've had today alone....guess this is a pretty nice place to have ended up!


  5. Lulu: "Sundays probably have as many snuggles as the whole rest of the week put together!"

  6. Great snuggle pictures ! Ollie and Benny are really best friends ! Purrs

  7. Those are all such cute snuggle pictures. There are times when we must look closely to find Benny when he is stuck to Ollie. BOL!

  8. Y'all sure outdid yourselves this week, those are amazing snuggles!

  9. Such wonderful snuggles this week. I like seeing the horses snuggle. ~Ernie

  10. Ypu always have such good snuggle times!

    Sorry we have been AWOL...petcretary got all behind...and some of our post-following setups stopped working...
    We hope all is well:)

  11. You guys are the snuggliest crew ever!

  12. Good to see you all, m'dear, but we confess to being partial to you and Benny. Mahvelous, dalink!

    Selina & MomKatt


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