Saturday, 29 June 2019

Suffocating Saturday

Tama-Chan: This week, as Sei-Chan & Co are very busy accompanying #1, I thought I would take the opportunity to do another blog post myself. You may know that Europe has been going through a terrible heatwave. Some parts of France have been experiencing temperatures of 45°C (110°F). Over here, it's only been around 35-37°C (95 to 100°F). Lucky #1 and her entourage are in England, where it's been a lot cooler. Ollie is in Normandy, near the coast. But we are in the thick of it. The good thing is that we do have several fans, and the downstairs in our house is half underground which ake sit cooler, and we have terracotta tiles on the floor.

So, here are a few pics that Mr. G has sent #1:

By the way, today is our 11th BLOGOVERSARY! We almost forgot in all this heat. You can find the very first post by Sen-Chan and Tommy here. The blog started with Sen-Chan and Tommy. Then came Tama-Chan and soon after, we lost Sen-Chan. Then came Sei-Chan, and a few months later, Yuu-Chan who was only with us for a short year. Next to join the gang was Vidock. Then Tama had her kits and Da Beebs chose to stay. Then came Violette, followed by Genji. We have lost too many over the years but are happy that Ollie joined us this year.


  1. Happy 11th Blogoversary!
    The temperatures are ridiculously high. I am glad you have somewhere cool to relax. We have been around 28C the last few days which is very hot for the Westcountry, but it is not supposed to be quite as hot today. The humidity stays around 90% which makes it more uncomfortable.

  2. Happy 11th Blogoversary!!!
    That is pretty amazing these days ;)
    We do not have temps anywhere near yours!
    We are having some rainy periods and temps about 20C.
    Mum says we may get up to 25C by the end of the week.
    Looks like Mr G is looking after you and Genji quite well :)
    Stay cool kitties!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Happy 11th blogoversary. Sure hope things cool down for you soon. Have a fun weekend.

  4. Happy Blogoversary from all of us! I sure hope y’all get some cool down soon.

  5. We're glad to hear you are doing your best to stay cool. Happy Blogoversary!

  6. Oh my goodness, stay as comfortable as you can. Thank goodness for the downstairs and the tile floor. Congratulations on your Blogaversary (and thank you for blogging)!!

  7. Happy 11th Blogoversary! Hopefully the weather gets cooler soon for you. The underground area of the house must feel really nice. Thanks for sharing the photos. Have a great weekend.
    World of Animals

  8. Happy Blogversary ! And many more !

  9. Happy blogoversary! 11 years is a really long time, especially in kitty and dog years!

  10. Happy 11th Blogoversary ! We hope just like you that the weather gets cooler very soon ! Purrs


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