Saturday 18 March 2023

Short Souvenir Saturday


Rainbow Sei: This will be a very short post as #1 had to go to Mr. G's to prepare it. There has been a nationwide outage of our cellphone and Internet provider, so we have just one photo for you. #1 took it yesterday morning and it shows Tommy and Da Beebs' graves with all the lovely beautiful hyacinths in bloom around it.

We also apologise for the lack of commenting yesterday. #1 simply could not get online.

PS: We just learned that a long-time friend, D'Artagnan Ruskin Rumblepurr, known to his friends as Rumbles, went to the Bridge yesterday. He has not blogged for a long time, but his family have put up a post on the blog today, so please stop by and leave a word of comfort here:


  1. The graves look lovely with the flowers.
    Thank you for letting us know about Rumbles. I have gone and left my condolences.

  2. condolences to Rumbles family. sorry about the internet and your phone. first you had not phone, now you have it but it doesn't work.. phooey

  3. Yikes! Purrs you get your services back soon!!!
    That is a lovely resting spot for Tommy and da Beebs. Sad about Rumbles.We like to think we will live forever and we do...but only in memory.
    Purrs the interned comes on soon!
    Purrs, Julie

  4. So your inner webs went on strike too?

  5. We're glad Mr. G was able to help with the internet access. #1 sure hasn't had it easy with her phone issues lately. We hope they get it fixed soon.

  6. What a special place to spend the furever days -
    Thanks for sharing!

    Yes, we saw NAR's Mum's on FB before going to bed - we know NAK would be sniffing him out and welcoming him!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Ollie - HAVE FUN!

  7. As we did when we lost power, we wonder how we lived without our devices in the 'olden' days.

  8. I hope your services come back soon. That is a very pretty memorial garden. Oh, that's so sad about Rumblepurr, we've always been missing his blogging days. Such a handsome character he was.

  9. Those are beautiful tribute to your little loves.


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