Thursday, 17 June 2021

Thankful Thursday


Benny: Meeyoworrthh....! It has come to my attention that Thursdays are the day that bloggers often write about the things they are thankful for. #1 asked me if I wanted to host this week's post and I said yes. She says it is good to understand these things. I started by asking her what she was thankful for this week, and she said it was to have such good friends who would make sure we would be well cared for whilst she is away.

I am thankful that I am back to being 100% healthy after so many problems when I first arrived. I am also thankful for my great bro, Ollie, and for Mr. G, who takes such great pics of all of us, and who will be our main carer until September. Here are some recent shots of me he has taken.

#1 says nobody knows how to relax like me!

Ollie says he is thankful for his beautiful little daughter, Lily:

And that the big ouchie on his ear could be taken care of by #1 before she left.

He still has to keep that cone on for a few day, though, and he is not thankful at all for that!

Queen Tama is thankful for nice places to nap in:

And she is crossing her paws that all will go well for #1 on her long and very exciting trip:

#1 leaves on Saturday, around noon. Mr. G will take her to the train station in Le Mans, from where there is a direct train to the airport. There are so many things for her to do so we will not be posting over the next couple of days. She says she will prepare a Sunday snuggle post before she leaves. After that, she will see how things go, It will depend on what is going on at her end, and how many photos of us come her way. But we will not disappear completely, and #1 says she will have plenty of time to visit our friends the first couple of weeks, when she is locked up in her hotel room


  1. Benny, you did a great job, hosting the thankfuls post! Thanks for doing that, to take some of the burden off your #1!

  2. Benny, I really like your pictures. You did a pawsome job of reporting too :) I know you all will have the best care while #1 is away, but you will still miss her lots. Give her some extra snuggles :)
    Purrs, Julie

  3. You did a great job with your first thankful post, Benny. Those are lovely photos of you, especially the first one.
    Safe journey for #1 and have a wonderful time!

  4. we are so glad that you are 10% benny :O) dear Ollie, we got so much rain and sh*tty weather, so there is not much to do outside and you can spend da cone time on da sofa...

  5. You all sure have lots to be thankful for. We are keeping our paws crossed that #1's special adventure all goes smoothly. Our mom says she will be watching as many equestrian Olympic events to see if she can spot #1.

  6. Those are really wonderful thankfuls Benny and everyone, really wonderful!

  7. It is so nice to hear all the things you each have to be thankful for. We hope all goes well for everyone while #1 is away.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Great report today, Benny. Safe travels to #1. It sounds like an exciting trip!

  9. I'm so excited for #1's trip! Especially knowing that everybody is doing well before she has to go.

  10. Benny, that's a pawsome thankful Thursday post ! We cross our paws for #1, and wish her all the best for her trip. Purrs

  11. benny! You did Thankful Thursday PURRFECTLY! We are thankful for you and your siblings and your #1! She is one wonderful lady and we hope she has a good trip and an incredible time as she is part of the Olympics! We KNOW she will be missing you guys but you will all be well loved and cared for. Safe travels!


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