Sunday, 20 June 2021

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: Well, we have now been abandoned. #1 let as planned yesterday.. Of course, we are being looked after by Mr.G so it's not exactly a huge hardship...

As you can imagine, we did a lot of snuggling before #1 left, so I have a good bunch of photos to share with you today.

I had to make sure that #1 was properly impregnated with me before she left:

Here is Ollie snuggled up to #1 in bed yesterday morning. Can you see which side is up?

Next we have this week's Lily Snuggle. She is going to be so much bigger by the time #1 gets back!

And we have the first ever father-daughter snuggle shot!

Here is Benny "snuggling" with Ollie's tail:

He was missing from last week's post, but here is The Big V snuggling with #1:

Miss Heloise:

Mama Hotesse:

And Miss Violette!

Happy Snuggling, Everyone!


  1. Those are wonderful snuggle shots!! You will now eagerly await news from #1 and hopefully some photos for all of us! How we look forward to seeing Snuggles in September! xxx

  2. What great snuggle pictures you have to share today. We know you all will be missing #1 as she is away but we wish her bon voyage and hope she has a successful trip.

  3. Aww, this is kind of a sad snuggle sunday because it will be a while before #1 can do that with you guys again.

  4. Those are terrific and wonderful snuggles! We saw on FB that #1 made it to Japan safely, hooray!

  5. Snuggles!! Enough to keep #1 going with their sweetness till she gets back! Glad she got there safely! Hope she enjoys the work she'll be doing, too:)

  6. I hope all those snuggles hold you over until #1 gets back. I hope she has a great trip! ~Ernie


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