Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Tama-Chan Tuesday


Tama-Chan: Hello Dear Friends, and welcome to my weekly post, perhaps the last full one for a bit. Poor #1 has been in a bit of a state, with Ollie's abscess to deal, with waiting and waiting and waiting for her visa (Japan is not permitting "regular" foreigners in at the moment because of the pandemic, so she needed a special visa. It finally came through and she is going to Paris today, to the Japanese embassy, to get it put in her passport. Ollie will be looked after by Mr. G and Ms. N. He is feling very sorry for himself about the one, but he needs to wear it for a bit longer. He is being good about taking his meds, though.

I have been doing my best to help #1 with all her paperwork:

#1 took some nice shots of me at the window in the kitchen.

And here is one that shows off my green eyes:

#1 keeps telling me how much she is going to miss having me on her pillow when she is away.

And here is a little dangle to finish today's post with:


  1. Tama Chan, you are so pretty in the sunny light of your window!

    Glad to hear the visa came through...
    Have safe travels, #1!

  2. I can only imagine how complicated things are to get #1 over to Japan! And poor Ollie. I hope everything winds up going smoothly with all the paperwork done.

  3. I am glad the visa has at last arrived. It is all extra worry when you are waiting on something as important as that.
    It looks like you are doing a good job helping with the paperwork, Tama.
    I hope Ollie's abscess heals well and he is soon out of the cone.

  4. Tama, #1 is lucky to have you . I bet she finds you a calming influence. I purr Ollie's ear will heal nicely. I bet #1 is getting excited about going to Japan and things seem to be coming together :)
    Purrs, Julie

  5. We hope things will go smoothly for #1 the next few days, and that Ollie mends well. Thanks for the updates Tama! Cuddles from The Island Chans xxx

  6. oooh da golen kitty ;O) we hold our paws crossed for Ollie and that the papers for your #1 will come in time...

  7. It's too bad #1 couldn't take you on her adventure too. Wouldn't you love visiting Japan too? We are keeping our paws crossed that Ollie's ear heals quickly.

  8. Tama...would you like to go with #1? We all have done some travelling and we KNOW we like to stay home. We are excited for #1. It is going to be so exciting and such an adventure! We do hope she posts about it. Have a happy last few days before she goes!

    1. I forgot to say your dangles are purrfect and I LOVE your brilliant green eyes!

  9. You sure look mighty cute sweet Tama! I'm sure glad that visa arrived, I'm sure #1 was getting quite concerned.

  10. Tama you do the dangle very well! And #1 will be back before you know it

  11. Covid has made everything so much more challenging. We hope the rest of the preparations and the entire trip go more smoothly now. Your post is so lovely, Tama, just like you.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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