Monday, 14 June 2021

Manly Monday


Ollie: Woof Woof! I have a tale of woe... I am going to the vet today, as soon as Dr. C can see us. I was off my food on Saturday (although I did finally eat), and #1 noticed something gunky around my left ear. She thought maybe I had some kind of ear infection (we spaniels are prone to them) but couldn't see anything in my ear. Yesterday morning, we went to see my Lily and co, and #1 and Ms. C both checked me out. They now think it's either an infected insect bite some kind or else blackthorn. I was running a fever. I did eat, though, and spent time with my daughter (she is a pawful!). So, we're going to get it checked out. #1 says it's a nuisance but better to have it happen now than later in the week, just before she leaves.

Here is a nice pic of me she took on Saturday:

UPDATE: We are back from the vet. I had a huge and really gross abscess. All cleaned up now. I got an anti-inflammatory shot, and have to take antibiotics for six days. And I have to wear a horrible, awful, ghastly cone for at east two or three days! Woe is me!

Vidock: I bet you missed me in yesterday's post. I mean, who wouldn't want to smooch this face?

Benny: Mr. G was here yesterday and took a bunch of cool pics of me!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Ollie we have all ou paws crossed!!! da phenny had a sh*t tick inside of his ear, maybe such a devil caused that infection in your ear too? all the good luck, please come back with good news...

  2. I hope whatever is going on is easily treatable and you get over it quickly, Ollie! I'm sending some purrs your way.

  3. Oh Ollie I do hope the Vet can make you feel better.
    I'm sending lots of purrs your way!
    Vidock, it is always good to see your very handsome
    and smoochable self!!
    Benny, you are so cute!!
    Purrs, Julie

  4. We're glad #1 caught your problem so you could start your treatment, Ollie. Our paws are crossed that you recover quickly and don't have to wear that dreaded cone for too long. The Big V and Benny are looking as handsome as ever too.

  5. Ollie, I am glad the problem was found and treated. It will put #1's mind at rest knowing that all is well now.

  6. Ollie, we're so sorry you have to wear the cone of shame ! But we're glad the problem is solved, and we hope you feel better soon ! Purrs

  7. Oh Ollie, we are so glad you were able to let #1 know you weren't feeling well BEFORe her big trip. She would have been so worried about you. But now you have good meds and will be feeling so much better soon. All paws crossed for you.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty. and Timber

  8. Yikes!
    Good thing it was able to be taken care of before #1 had to leave.

    Hope you feel a lot better quickly!

  9. Ollie, we are glad you are going to be ok ! Great timing to get it taken care of before #1 left.

  10. We are all happy you got checked out and the problem was discovered. I hope you feel all better soon Ollie. You all look fabulous!

  11. Ollie! we have one owrd - OUCH! Both for the ear owwie and the collar! We hope you get better soon! And smoochies for Vidock!


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