Monday, 26 March 2012

Manly Monday - Much Excitement!

: #1 said I could kick off Manly Monday today because this is my birthday week! I will be one year old on Saturday!!! And to pre-celebrate, I caught my first mousie a few days ago, so #1 says I am now a mighty hunter! See for yourselves:

I played with it for quite some time after I, ahem... killed it, flinging it into the air and such. Then, #1 took it away from me, muttering something about not wanting to find it in her bed later on...

So I went and had a nap instead!

Tom: I had some adventures too over the past few days. I mean just look at this bunch:

The littlest guy was the scariest, and he kept claiming that he was old enough to drive!

But I did have some more relaxing fun too, with my young friends Lily Toune and Nours:

... although it's a little scary to see how fast they're growing. They're only 5 months old and Nours is almost as heavy as me!

Vidock: Neigh everyone. Don't you think this is rather a romantic picture of me?

And how about this one? Don't you think I look rather coy?

And on the subject of being "studly" (HaHa!), here is my official entry in the French Percheron Stallion Catalogue!

Bibi-Chan: It is of course very manly to entertain your younger brother by playing with him:

And even manlier to play with both one's brothers simultaneously!


  1. Oh mai goodness! All hail the Might Mousie Hunter! srsly!

  2. Go Genji go! No one is going to dare nick that mousie off you when you are in that mighty mancat hunter posture. We are impressed.

  3. Good hunting, Genji. Such fun to see the activities of all you manlies!

  4. Concats on your first successful mousie hunt - did #1 take it before you were able to sample the delights of mousie meat? Did Genji get to watch your hunting prowess and maybe pick up a tip or two?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Genji you have grown up so fast!!!

  6. Great herding work Tommy!

    They are furry furry khute!

    Thanks fur sharing all those great pikhs!

    PeeEssWoo: OH THOSE CHATS!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Week Gengi. I hope it is the most beautiful week of th eyear.....

  8. Now this is going to be an exciting week with all those celebrations!

  9. WOW...Genji, a real mouse? That's amazing!
    I wish we could see a mouse at our house...

  10. Oh Genji, darling! It seems only yesterday you were a gorgeous baby kitty arriving at your new home. And now you are going to be celebrating your first birthday! You have grown into such magnificently handsome boy ...and a fearless mouser as well. All of your friends can't wait to join you on this very special celebration.

    P.S. For Vidock. Your photos are beautify and so are you. Are you getting lighter in colour or is it the way the photos were taken?

  11. I can't believe you are already coming on a year old, Genji! And I am very impressed with your catch. I wish we had some mice here to hunt! For some reason my human disagrees.

  12. Genji!! NO WAY you are a year old already!! I AM NOT EVEN A YEAR OLD!! I refuse to allow you to be older than me or that you have CAUGHT A MOUSE before I have. ME! Princess Ginger...boss, chief, leader, captain, the one, me what you want, I am top dog, but I will not be a lesser hunter than a cat...sorry...I got carried away...Mom just told me to back off...sorry!! Seriously though, can you BE one year already? can you BE more handsome? And speaking of handsome, Vidock is REALLY handsome..for a horse, that is...not that I know too many (any) horses, but I think he is mega handsome..for a horse...though I really don't get why cats and horses don't have soft floppy ears like us cool dogs have....did you iron them or something? Oh the world is full of questions that I need answers to.... sigh. You guys all look so smart...maybe you have the answers..can I come stay with you while Mom and Dad go to Geneva? (Yep, they go there in a couple of weeks)...I wanna go on holiday TOO!! Or maybe Tom can come visit us! Now that is one handsome dude...Tom!! Well, tail wags and licks to you all from us...Tiny, of course, sends purrs!!

  13. Wow you are a mighty hunter and what fun too. Great pictures again today.. Hugs GJ xx

  14. What a handsome and manly bunch you all awe..Vidock, awe you fliwting wif me? Catching a mousey on youw fiwst biwfday week is a gweat accomplishment..such a gwown up lovely boy!
    Tommy, I so wish I could come playwif aways awe the best wif youw fwiends and siblings.
    bibi-chan, ! i'm suwe Genji is such a mighty huntew because of youw instwuctions
    Smoochie kisses
    pee ess, Mommi says she so wishes you would come visit..we would be vewy happy to have you stay wif us

  15. We're amazed a mousie would be silly enough to get within 50 yards of your house, what with all you mighty feline and canine hunters (and huntresses) about!
    Vidock, how old do you have to be before you can "date"?

  16. What is better than planning a birthday pawrty! And yes, Vidock you look very handsome
    Benny & Lily

  17. Oh Genji!I brought a live mouse into MY mommy's bed. I hadn't finished playing with him yet. Made mommy get up and have to change the sheets beczuse the mouse leaked red stuff on them. But he was dedded several days later and I dedded another one last week. I think that's it.

    All you manly furries are just so handsome! And goodness. You are looking awfully good in the catalogue. xoxoxox

  18. We are very impressed with all the manly hunting skill Genji! Tommy have you taken up herding?

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  19. Great pictures of all of you today! But we are most impressed with your first mousie, Genji. That's SUCH a milestone!

  20. Where to begin? Well first off ... LP is swooning over the white cows.(embarrassing).And Vidock you do look stately and handsome! And everyone looks happy and springy :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  21. Yay for catching your first mousie!

  22. Many manly activities. First off, the mouse capture is very impressive and I am sure #1 is just jealous and that is why she tossed it.

    As for those weird pals of Tommy.... hmmm.. not like any dogs I have ever seen.

    But Vidock wins with the Stallion Challenge. Oh yeah! Good luck. You have all the moves. I hope there are some hot mares judging.


  23. Genji! We're so impressed on your hunting prowess! Too bad you didn't get to keep it!!

  24. All hail the almighty hunter, Genji! We used to have lots of mousies at our old house. Although we miss them a lot, the mom doesn't at all!

  25. Dear Genji - I am so impressed with your mousing ability! I wish you a wonderful first birthday. Love from your special girl, Miss Rose xxxxx


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