Sunday 11 March 2012

Sunday Surprise! Introducing VIOLETTE

Ahem...... neeeeeeiiiigh........ I am not at all used to this so I don't really know where to start... I guess I should first tell you that my name is VIOLETTE DE L'AUMONE and, as of yesterday, I joined the Poupounette Gang as a foster.

You may remember seeing photos of me before. I moved into the field next to Poupounette Central towards the end of October last year.

At the beginning, #1 and Tommy just used to come and give me scritches, and then she started to bring me a few carrots, and apples. For a while, at the end of the year, I got so many thistle burrs caught in my forelock that I ended up looking like a unicorn!

And then, it got really cold and my owners never came to see me. They never brought me hay and I had no shelter in the field. So, about a month ago, #1 went out and got a bag of horse feed and she has been bringing me delicious food every day since! And then she decided that I needed a better manager and so she bought me!

I am a pure-bred Percheron but instead of being a light coach horse like my brother Vidock, I am a heavy draft type, so I am a strong girl. #1's goal is to have me moved to where Vidock is, with Ms. S and Mr. E, so I can live with the other girls and learn social skills (I need my nails done, for a start...), and then to have me schooled so that I can perhaps one day have a job somewhere where I will be appreciated and loved and cared for properly. In the meantime, she has promised to take care of me.

And guess what? She and I go way back! When I was a very little girl, I lived in this same field for a while with my Mama, Hotesse de l'Aumone, and #1 came to give me scritches back then too!

(me at 4 months!)

And guess what else? I was born one day before Vidock! My birthday is May 11, 2009, and his is May 12, 2009! Isn't that cool?

Anyway, it is really nice to meet you all officially. I hope I can count on all your support as I start going to school and learn all the things I need to know. #1 tells me that I already have lots of new friends all over the world, and that one of them, Khyra, has a great line: RESKHUE ROCKHS!

PS: #1 got some "horse pills" (Haha!) from the doctor yesterday and is already beginning to feel perkier! Thanks for all your kind words!


  1. Wow, #1, how lucky that you are able to take care of Violette. She was clearly being neglected. Welcome to the gang Violette!

  2. Good on ya girl!!!!!!!

  3. We are so pleased that you have joined the gang. We remember your new mom telling us that your were not getting the care you needed and deserved. Welcome! And we love your pretty name! xxx

  4. Bienvenue, Violette. I have never met a girlhorse before so shall be cautious and respectful! We are so glad #1 rescued you, and hope all goes to plan.

  5. Oh, you have really chosen well, Viotlette! Welcome!

  6. Oh ... #1 how fantastic of you to take on Violette! A huge welcome Violette what a beauty you are. We look forward to hearing all about your new life and lots of photos.

    Hope you are having a good weekend.
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  7. Wow you are so beautiful,VIOLETTE!
    こんにちわ VIOLETTE,よろしくね
    日本の友達 Matilda

  8. Welcome Violette! I'm sure you'll love your new life

  9. It is such a pleasure to meet you, Violette! I never thought about horses needing rescue (I focus mostly on my fellow kitties), but of course sometimes they do, and you are so fortunate to have lived next door to #1! I know you will flourish with her care and that your future is so much brighter now!

  10. Oh Violette, you are so lucky to have such a good neighbor. Thank heavens she paid attention to you and saved you. You sure are a pretty girl. We do thank #1 for taking such good care of you.

  11. Violette, you are simply gorgeous, we love your coloring. So glad #1 took you under her wing.

    We are very pleased to meet you.

  12. Violette, welcome! We are very pleased to meet you. You are beautiful! We are so glad that #1 is taking care of you and cannot wait to see how well your training goes.

    9, Chani, Sheamus Popoki and hugs from Marlene

  13. Welcome Violette!!! We are so glad that #1 stood up for you and that you now be in a much better place.....

  14. Violette you are a lucky girl to have #1 looking after you now. I am sure you will be happy in your new home once you can be moved in with Vidock and his family and friends. Welcome to blogville!


  15. Violette you are a gorgeous girl. Our Mommy is in love.

    Tucker and Daisy

  16. Dear Violette - I saw your picture and I think you are a very beautiful lady. And I am so happy you have a new mama who will love you until your ears get tired of having kisses on them. I want to meet you when I come to France next time - I think you are the luckiest mare in all of France . . . muzzle smooches from Farmville VA in the US

  17. Violette!!! Neighmeowwwwwww!!! Welcome. We were so sad when we learned about you before...that you were not getting the love and attention you deserve. And now!!!! We are thrilled to welcome you to the Blogosphere...and BTW you did a fantastic job on your first post.

    You can count on us to purr for you and support you as you get your pedicures and start learning all the things you are going to get to learn!


    Cory and family

  18. Violette, you are very fortunate to have ended up under the care of #1. The Poupounette gang is a great one!

  19. Welcome beautiful Violette! You have joined a wonderful, loving family and your life has changed forever! Number 1, you are an amazing lady!

  20. Hello and welcome Violette!!!!
    You could not have been rescued by a better person than #1 !!!!!!
    We know you will enjoy your new life now and will have tons of fun and love :) You already look gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  21. We are so happy for you Violette now that #1 has rescued you and you are being well looked after. What a surprise you being a day older than Vidock - of course that means you can boss him about!! Your previous owner needs branding
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
    Thank you for caring #1.

  22. What a beautiful girlhorsie you are, Violette! We are all applauding #1 for caring for you and rescuing you. HURRAH!! We think your coat has a lilac cast to it so you are well named. AND, we can't wait to see you all fixed up in good company, and going to scholl. We're sure you'll do brilliantly.
    Tell #1 that our Mommy has put "booze" on her grocery list...

  23. lady katie bastet11 March 2012 at 17:38

    Violette, welcome! it utterly breaks my mom's heart to hear of mistreatment of helpless animals, (her heart is thudding right now). Thankfully there are wonderful people that care, and do something, like poupounette's #1.

  24. Violette! WELCOME!!!! We are so happy that #1 now is your #1. You won't be neglected, gets lots of loves and oh, just everything will be better.

  25. Oh Violette, what a beauty you are! So glad things are looking up for you now!

  26. You are gorgeous, Violette! Happy days are ahead for you!

  27. Violette, welcome dear girlhorsie. You will love Vidock. He is just going to be, is, the very best of brothers and you are a beautiful girlie. You look fabulous and we love your personality. Many many thanks to #1 for caring for you until you became a member of the family.


  28. Violette,
    Me is so pleased to meats yous! You's looks like some of the horses around here that does logging. Mommy sees them when she is traveling and at the fall fair. She says yous is very big!

  29. Violette, you are a beautiful girl already. Welcome to the Pouponette Gang. Watch out for Vidock, we think it might be quite the looker:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  30. Violette, you sure are a pretty girl. We imagine you know you've found the very bestest family! Thanks to #1 for "taking the horse by the forelock" when she saw your neglectful situation and adopting you. Looking forward to hearing about your schooling and other adventures.

    Lizzie & 3 kitties

  31. Violette, we are so happy for you that #1 has fostered you! We can't wait to hear how you get on ....

    We're delighted too that #1 is feeling a lot better!!

    best wishes to you all,
    Clive & Co

  32. Well hello there Violette!
    We are sorry to hear that #1 has been unwell lately and are glad that she is feeling a bit better!

  33. Well hello beautiful girl! We are overjoyed to hear you are now a Poupounette gang member! Do you know you've just gotten yourself the most wonderful mum ever!
    Oops, we mean the best #1. And you have great new brothers and sisters! Real family. A family to love you!
    And lots of friends to care about you.
    We can't wait to hear more about you, dear.
    Love from us all!
    P.S. We love your name! So fitting with the pale mauve tinge of your coat.

  34. MOL...Thanks for letting me to see unicorn in one life time : )

    PS This is really good one : )

  35. Good on you, #1, for taking care of that neglected girl! :)

  36. Violette, we are so happy to meet you! And how lucky that you are now part of the Poupounette gang!! You are so beautiful!!

  37. You are beautiful and will love your foster home. Your French name is so purrty
    Benny & Lily

  38. We have a whole yard full of horses that needed help - I can't seem to leave them behind. Some go on to new homes, and some stay!


  39. Yay! We're so glad #1 is making sure you get the care you deserve. You are such a beauty!

  40. Concats! You haf found a great family! We can't wait to hear about your new life.

  41. Woo know it!!!

    Of khourse, woo were a furry khute unikhorn too!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy - sorry we are behind with the visits -I'm doing my best to keep Mom okhkhupied!

  42. Well we are a little late with hearing the exciting news but here we are to say, Welcome Violette!
    How nice that you now have a proper home... with proper food, proper shelter, friends, love and everything good under the sun! Hurray :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo


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