Thursday 29 March 2012

Thankful Thursday

: We are never so aware of how lucky we are and therefore how thankful as when we hear rescue stories. Some of us really are unlucky and suffer terrible trauma before being rescued by devoted and kind individuals or organisations. Today we would like to pay tribute to two people who do amazing work.

The first is Eldad Hagar. You can find all kinds of info about the work he does on his website here. The latest story that has been making the rounds is that of a small dog called Fiona. We first read about her on Dublin Dog's FaceBook page and then saw the video on YouTube. You can donate to this great rescue through the website, and also through HOPE FOR PAWS.

We also must mention our wonderful friend Chrystal Parker whom many of you know through her "Daily Dose" blog. She operates a private rescue and takes in dogs and cats, often the most desperate cases. Right now, she is looking for homes for bunch of her cats, as part of her Winnie's Wish project, and our only regret is that we're an ocean away. She is also raising money for her operation by building a commemorative brick walkway to her cathouse. You can find details on that here and order your very own brick!

I also would like to express my personal thankfulness to the wonderful Erin at Dublin Dog. #1 had ordered me a beautiful "Lucky Me" ID tag from them and I wore it with great pride, but one day, we got back from one of our walks and #1 noticed it was gone. It had come loose from its attachment. This had already happened once before with a previousDD tag, so #1 wrote and told them about it, so they could perhaps look to see how they might make the attachment more secure. We got a lovely reply from Erin who sent us a new tag with a different attachment!

On the left is the original attachment, and on the collar is the new split ring attachment. Big Thankful Woofs to Erin and Dublin Dog. They're a great company with great products and great service!

I woudn't be so cruel as to leave you without a single picture of me, so here goes!


  1. Wow, dumblin dog tag, it's really cool, I wish I could have that too :)

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  2. What a pawesome post!

    We read the nice Chrystal's blog - so we know of her great work!

    I got a new khollar from Dublin Dog - Mom hasn't put it on me yet (not sure what she's waiting fur) AND we got a sunflower charm - I had it engraved fur Auntie Di - since she loved our time with them last summer when she visitd!

    So much to be thankful fur today!


    PeeEssWoo: Great Job Tommy!

  3. Saw the video of Fiona this morning and delighted that the Poupounette Gang saw it too - an exceptional human. Nice tags, too!

  4. What great service to get the ring attachment sent - think many would have just ignored it. We hope you have sunshine today.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. I remember Krystal from long ago..and I need to send more to support her and the animals.

  6. There are some absolute heroes and heroines out there, and the world is a much better place for them. We too are thankful that there are folk who do the rescuing.

  7. love those rescue people - it restores our faith in humanity!

    that looks like a great tag - glad they fixed the ring so you don't lose this one....

  8. Genji - we hope #1 is going to display your nose and tongue picture too.
    Luv Hannah xx

  9. Tommy,

    You have quite a spring in your step! We love the Celtic tag and went and visited their website...we love their collars and wish they made cat sized ones, but Teri said when our Rogz polymer collars wear out, she might just order their polymer No Stink collars and just say we are 'dog friendly'...

  10. That is a great post on some people who do great things!

  11. That is a very pretty tag! I hope this one stays on!

  12. Rescues rock. Cool tags!
    Benny & Lily

  13. What a great post! And we like your tag, Tommy! We hope the new attachment works!!

  14. Tommy that is a really cool tag!
    Great post recognising rescues and the amazing work and big hearts people have.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx


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