Monday, 12 March 2012

Monday Madness - Violette's Visit!

Hello Everyone, Tommy here! I have tales to tell but first, let's start with a photo of me, shall we?

This was taken yesterday, when #1 and I went out to lunch with some friends at a lovely restaurant. Believe it or not, there were three woofies at lunch, and we were all extremely well-behaved!

Talking of being well-behaved (NOT), my tale starts on our return home from the restaurant. It was already a little past the regular time for feeding Violette, so #1 rushed in, prepared her feed and came back out. Our girl was getting impatient and as we walked towards the gate, we saw her standing there across the lane... aaaagggggh! She was exactly at the place where #1 had noticed the fencing had disintegrated, and Violette noticed it too! She was out of there, in a hop, onto the lane and into the garden! Violette had decided that it was high time she came for an official tour of Poupounette Central!

Well, she was all excited and romped around the garden, kicking up her heels and galloping around! What to do? We tried calling Ms. S but she was unavailable. Our neighbour, Ms. H (Fernant's mom) came over to help but she's not much used to horses. In the meantime, Violette was up the lane, into the field, back in the lane.... Think... think... THINK. An idea! We let out our most trusted horse wrangler, Fernant! Now you have to know that Violette adores Fernant and it is reciprocal, so that calmed her down a bit. In the meantime, #1 ran down the hill where there are some gypsies living and asked for help. By a huge stroke of luck, the guy is a real horse whisperer and immediately came up. #1 lent him a couple of lead ropes and he caught our errant girl and started to fashion a temporary head-collar:

Thanks to our friend (and all his kids who helped), Violette was put back in her field, and he made temporary repairs to the fence so she couldn't escape again.

Violette will be moved to her new home (at Vidock's) this afternoon, so please wish us luck getting her into into the truck and over there! It's only 5 minutes away, but it may seem a lot longer!


  1. Good luck with the big move. My goodness, those adventures make the humans very anxious. I hope that she is patient and stays put.


  2. Voilet sure made a day out of it :) Its a good thing #1 was very quick-thinking and the gypsy man and his kids were on hand. We didn't know Fernant was a horse wrangler too. He is a dog of many talents.

    the amigos

  3. My goodness, what an adventure. A nice lunch then chaos! You are so lucky to have such helpful people - and young Fernant - around! Violette must be getting impatient about her move - she knows she is off to better pastures!

  4. Oh, what a marvelous adventure!

    For Violette! :)

    Best wishes for a smooth move from all'a us!

  5. Wow, you know real gypsies!!! How cool is that! Good thing he was a horse whisperer. Violette just couldn't contain herself...I mean she KNOWS she is an official member of the Poupounette gang...why shouldn't she come up to the house.


    I love it that Fernant was a hero. We adore that boy!

    xoxo Cory

  6. Violette's Big Adventure - what a day! Never a dull moment at Poupounette Central. Hope Violette settles in well with Ms S.

  7. So glad for Fernant and the gypsies! Violette is quite the character. As a member of the Poupounette, i think Violette fits in quite well. She was, after all, just showing Houbibi how well she can escape. "Houvivi"?

  8. What an adventure for you and Violette. I don't know what is worse an excursion outside for Houbibi or Violette kicking her heals up in the garden. Too bad you couldn't just walk Violette to her new home. It might be easier than loading her into a trailer. Good luck with the move.


  9. Well look what happens when #1 turns her back for a few minutes!!
    How lucky that there was a horse whisperer down the lane. We hope there are no more escape plans being hatched in Violette's mind for today's move!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Well, who can blame the poor filly. She probably felt all of the love at your home and wanted to check it out.

  11. I would do my best to keep her away from THAT one chat -

    Woo know which one I mean?

    Just chekhk out March's khalendar -

    Just sayin'

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy - I so wish I khould go dine with Mom!

  12. Was Houbibi visiting Violette to give her pointers? That's probably where he went last time you know.


    Pei-Ess Hi Violette! Glad you've found a family to love you!

  13. What an adventure! Thank you so much for the positive thoughts while I was ill this past weekend! I appreciated it!

  14. Wow..Tommt thanks for telling us about the adventure. Somehow we thinks she is going to make like very exciting in more ways than one!

    Lovely photo of you at the restaurant. Lucky boy you are.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  15. My gosh Violette had quite the tour!!! Luckily that nice man was able to help :-)

  16. Violette sounds like a bit of a wild child!

  17. OH I am SO glad that man could help and that #1 thought to run down there and ask. That was not a good thing and Violette may get some lessons in deportment from Vidock once she gets there. Purrs and good thoughts and great hopes that she gets to Vicocks house easily without worry.

  18. WOW, what an adventure! Violette wated to show how thrilled she is to be part of the gang.

  19. Almost like a fairy tale, gypsies, beautiful horses, dogs to the rescue, and such adventure! Glad you were able to catch that girl - we think she must have been trying to outdo the Beebs:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  20. To our dear friends at the OP Pack, we LOVE your comment but thought we would add to it that Violette is now living in(the stableblock of) a late 15th century chateau!

  21. I wish Violette the best ! Have a smooth move !

  22. What an exciting day! Glad Violette could return to her field. I hope the moving went smoothly!!

  23. What a great sho of you! And you got to go to lunch! How cool is that! And its great yous had some peoples to helps with Violette!


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