Friday, 27 November 2020

V & H Vendredi


Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone! It's been a while since we horsies posted. #1 has been visiting us every Thursday, and yesterday was a little bit special because we all got our hooficures! Ms. C was there too, as Hotesse and Heloise are not as used to it, and need some assistance.

He started with my sis, Heloise. This is only the second time she has been trimmed like that, and she is really good! Everyone was very proud of her!

Next up was our Mama, Hotesse. Now, I have to tell you that learning to give your feet and stand still for the farrier at the age of 25 is no easy task! Mama needed some help and some cajoling, but they got her done in the end!

I was third in line. I, of course, am an old hand at this, so no probs, right?

At the moment, we are just getting our hooves trimmed. No shoes. 

The Big V went last and he, of course, had to have his beloved standing right next to him...

I have to say that that boy is a little bit lazy. At one point, he was using Ms. C as a headrest!

So, we're all one for this year. Our next hooficure appointment is for early February!


  1. I bet you guys are glad that's done!

  2. Bet your hooves feel better now too :)
    I like Vidock using Ms C as a chin rest ;) MOL!
    Purrs, Julie

  3. oooh new shoes? yes we bet you made a deal today n black furryday ;O))) we love the photo with the big v and mr. c.... that gives a super good feeling somehow ;O)

  4. This reminds me, that I need a, um...a mani-pedi! LOL!

  5. We bet it feels good to get your hooves trimmed. That Big V is a bit silly to use Ms. C as a chin rest.

  6. You were not being lazy, Vidock, you were just making use of an available shoulder.

  7. Haha I love the photo of Vidock using Ms. C as a headrest :-)

  8. WOW, we are really proud of you two, that was a very special day!

  9. I bet your hooves feel all good with a good trim.

  10. Hotesse is 25!?! She doesn't;t look a day over 5. What a good girl to be even as cooperative as she was able. And can be a good example for your mamma. Violette...of course you were wonderful and Vidock...what are shoulders for if not to rest our heads. To the next Hooficure and prepared mentally, my girl.

  11. Kind of like a horsey adventure!!
    The shoulder rest pic looks like a type of snuggle! LOL!


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