Saturday, 7 November 2020

Sei-Chan's Souvenir Saturday


Rainbow Sei: Hello, Dear Friends. We gather it's been quite the week in your world, what with the plague, terrorist attacks and a contentious election. We hope things will be quieter next week. In the meantime, and considering that everyone needs to relax a bit, we decided with #1 that this week's themes would be "beddies"!

And we thought we would start this week with a pic of sweet Trav. As you know, Trav was always feral and was only cared for properly the last 15 or so months of his life. #1 did what she could to make him comfortable, including putting a basket for him at the back of the garage. Here is a pic of him in it, not long before he crossed the Bridge.

Here is Ikkyu, comfortably tucked into a beddie that is still at Poupounette Central, and now mostly used by Genji:

Sen-Chan wasn't really into cat beds, but he was always happy to use Tommy's big bed!

I always loved beddies, from the time I was very small, as this photo of baby me with my mama, Viña,will attest:

I hope you guys are ready for a cute overload because this next one shows Yuu-Chan and a baby Bibi, tucked in together:

When Tommy first arrived as a puppy, #1 ordered him a monogrammed bed from L.L.Bean. He looked so cute on it!

We hope you enjoyed our post and it helped you relax! Remember! When in doubt, take a nap!


  1. Those pictures of you all in your beds are very sweet.

  2. That was a pawsome memory post Sei!!
    I loved these snuggly pictures
    Sen-Chan on Tommy's bed made me laugh :)
    It's a very cat thing to do ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Y'all are gorgeous and I always loved how you all cared for dear Trav.

  4. We have beautiful weather right now...warm for this time of year, so it's hard to consider napping when we need to soak up the sun and warm !

  5. You all are so cute in your beds. We're feeling a bit sleepy reading this post. {{Yawn}}

  6. I can see lovely friendship that you guys give to each other in these pics above!

  7. Yeah, even mum agrees. When in doubt, NAP!

  8. I love these sweet beddie photos!
    When in doubt, take a nap. Great advice :-)

  9. Yes, it really has been quite a week!


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