Sunday, 8 November 2020

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: Well, #1 was a happy puppy last night. Something to do with an election. What's an election? Anyway, as long as she is happy... What makes us happy is snuggling, especially on Sundays!

Here I am first, having a snuggle with #1:

You can't see her very well, but here I am, getting ready to sit on #1's lap:

And here I am, hanging out with my buddy, Ollie:

We had a quick visit from pur friend Ms. H (we'll tell you more next week about what she came for), and she enjoyed a cup of tea and a snuggle with Ollie:

I also got in a quick snuggle with her!

And here is Da Genj, tucked into #1:

#1 did get to see the horses and she got some snuggle pics with the Vs, although not with the Hs. Here, first is Vidock:

And here is Miss Violette:

The coronavirus situation remains grave in France, so we are sticking close to home and snuggling! We urge you all to do the same!


  1. It was a good result and makes the snuggles more enjoyable.

  2. Pawsome snuggles!!!! Sunbeams are so good for snuggles too.
    It's good that you all have wonderful spots around the house for relaxing.
    Always nice to see Vidock and Violette!

    Purrs, Julie

  3. Those happy snuggles are just the best!

  4. We're happy with the election results too. The covid situation in France is frightening. We have our paws crossed that all our friends there stay healthy.

  5. Interesting : our humans were all excited about that election stuff too ! Pawsome snuggle pictures ! Purrs

  6. Oh those were some great snuggles!

  7. Mum is happy about the election too. I've been getting lots of snuggles too.

  8. You think #1 was happy? You should have seen MY human! She has been living under a very dark cloud for four years. She's emotionally exhausted and is hoping her energy returns with some rest.

  9. Your snuggles are always the best!! Showing so much love!


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