Thursday, 5 November 2020

Thankful Thursday

Hello everyone. #1 here. I am doing the Thankful Thursday post this week, as there is something I am particularly thankful for this week.

I was totally devastated when I lost my little Bibi, just a few months after losing Tommy. Those two losses, coming so close together, just broke my heart. Aside from burying the two of them next to one another in my garden, I wondered what else I could do. And then, I thought of something. Through my lovely friend San in Singapore (The Cat Tales blog), I knew that there was a lady there who made wonderful things with felt. I contacted her and I commissioned two things. One was a Tommy head brooch, and the other was a mini Bibi. This lady is very busy and works with great attention to detail, so it took quite some time, many conversations, and bucketloads of photos being sent. And then, at last, they were ready and were shipped, arriving here in France a few days ago. I am delighted with both pieces.

Here, first, is Da Beebs:

And here is Tommy:Both of them are now helping me to blog! I am so delighted to have them back close to me!

In case any of you might be interested, here is her card:

You can find her on Facebook at MyItchyFingers.


  1. that is beautiful!!! we love it!!! and to work with felt is absolute art, that's not easy... so appaws appaws to this talented woman!!!

  2. WOW!! Those are amazing and worth the wait!
    You have your pals again :)
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Those are fabulous works, and how nice for you to have them by your side :)) Ms L of PEI

  4. Those really are incredible and they sure made us smile too!

  5. They are both lovely and really capture their expressions.

  6. I love these so much! They were well worth the wait.

  7. What amazing likeness both of those are. They will be cherished pieces forever.

  8. Oh, MY!! What a wonderful thing to have those mini Beebs and Tommy! They are amazing!

    Maybe we can order something from there for our angels...


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