Sunday, 1 November 2020

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: Welcome to our first November SoS post for this year, and to Season 2 of our Confinement! The confinement officially started at midnight on Friday, but the government is being lenient through the weekend, to give holidaymakers time get home, and people to get organised. So, #1 went to see the horses yesterday and managed to get a full complement of snuggle shots!

First off was Violette:

Followed by the Big V:

Then Mama Hotesse:

And Miss Heloise!

Now for the rest of us. Here for a start, is a nice one of me with Ms. N. Mr. G took it.

Mr. G also took this cute one of #1 with me and Genji:

Here is Ollie with our friend, Ms. S, and with #1:

One of me and #1 holding paws:

And Genji in his favourite location, on #1's lap:

Now that we are in lockdown, we are going to be doing a whole lot of snuggling!


  1. We are so pleased you managed to get all your snuggles in before lockdown. Everyone looks so happy and warm and very ready for a sunday nap, MOL
    Stay safe and well, and paws crossed we will all come through this soon.

  2. Oh such wonderful snuggles today!!!
    With lockdown, snuggles will be daily.
    Will you be allowed to visit the horses?
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Those are wonderful snuggles and we hope that even with the lockdown you can sneak in some visits to those horsies. Y'all do look wonderfully happy!

  4. Those are all great snuggle pictures today. We hope #1 will be able to visit the equine members of the family during your lock down.

  5. I am glad #1 was able to get her snuggles with the Vs and Hs as I know last time she wasn't able to visit them. You all will have to make up with extra snuggles.

  6. We've gotten hit with a cold front, so snuggles and cups of hot tea are just the ticket!

  7. I'm so glad #1 got to see the horses before everything gets locked down again!

  8. Great snuggle pictures ! How cool that each of you got to snuggle with #1 this week ! Purrs

  9. We enjoyed those snuggles. Especially with the horses since it might be awhile before they are snuggled again.

  10. So happy you got to see the whole gang of your horses, #1!

    And those are a whole lot of pawsome snuggles for sure.

    Hunker down now and stay safe.
    Sorry you have go into 'hiding' again...shessh:(

  11. Glad #1 got a chance to see the horses before lockdown. Stay safe and healthy.

  12. Sweet snuggling photos! Tama-Chan, I love your photo with Ms. N. What a cute smile you got :-)

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