Saturday, 28 November 2020

Souvenir Saturday for Sophie


Rainbow Sei: We once again have a different souvenir post today. You see, something happened last weekend. Sophie, Tommy's most favouritest sister, went to the Bridge after a short illness. Sophie and Tommy loved all the same things, and most particularly BALLS! It made #1 very sad that sweet Sophie is gone, and she thought it would be nice to put together a blog post for her.

Sophie came to Poupounette Central many times, and the last time was last year, after Ollie had joined the family. Just like Tommy, she looked lovely in the yellow flowers!

Here is a fun one of Tommy and Sophie at the beach:

And here is Sophie (R) with their other sister, Lydia, who went to the Bridge last year:

And one of when Tommy and Sophie went dining with #1, Ms. A and Mr. R to celebrate their birthday!

Playing ball, their favourite pastime:

By August 2019, Sophie's 12th birthday, Tommy was gone, but there was gambolling on the beach with Ollie!

Just as her brother, Tommy, was handsome, Sophie was very pretty!

# took this photo last August, when we celebrated Sophie's 13th birthday. It is the archetypal Sophie shot, running with a ball in her mouth. We have no doubt that Tommy and Lydia were waiting for her at the Bridge, each carrying at least two balls. 

Run free, sweet Sophie. You were much loved.



  1. Superb memorial of my lovely Sophie - thank you!!

  2. Beautiful memories of a wonderful dog. Thank you xxx

  3. That is a beautiful memorial to Sophie. It is heart breaking for those who loved her, but she is reunited with Tommy and her sister. My condolences to you and her family.

  4. Such a pretty girl! So sorry to hear she has crossed her Bridge. She will be in great company and reunited with dear Tommy and sister:)
    That is a lovely tribute to her. While there is sadness in this realm, I suspect a big welcoming party is going on at the Bridge!
    Purrs, Julie

  5. Purrs and hugs to Angel Sophie's family; it's too sad.

  6. Lots of fun playing ball at The Bridge for everyone.

  7. I remember her! I am so sorry she left for the Bridge but I know you are right as rain that Tommy and Lydia were waiting indeed and had those balls ready!

  8. We are so very sorry to hear about dear Sophie and we send love and hugs to her very special family.

  9. We're so sad to hear that sweet Sophie has gone to the Bridge. She surely had a wonderful reunion with her siblings.

  10. Beautiful tribute to sweet Sophie. Purrs and hugs to her family. Purrs

  11. What a beautiful story for Sophie ! She and Tommy are running side by side again.

  12. We are sorry to hear about Sophie. She was a gorgeous girl! Sending many comforting purrs to her family.

  13. We bet there was a grand reunion between Tommy and his sisters. Soft woos and gentle hugs Sophie's family and you.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  14. Gosh! We are sad to read about Sophie, but we know there is a great doggy romping reunion going on OTB!
    Sending you love, we are sad for your loss
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Barb

  15. So sorry that beautiful Sophie has flown to be with her furblings.
    Soft arroos from us to her furmily.


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