Thursday, 12 November 2020

Thankful Thursday


#1 here again. Following my feline Thankful Thursday post last week, I have an equine Thankful Thursday post for today. Years ago, I asked a very talented friend to make me a braided bracelet using tail hair from Vidock and Violette. It always comes with me wherever I go, and makes me feel as though the Vs are always with me. Now that I have added the two H girls to my herd, I thought I needed a second bracelet, so I called up Ms. H and asked her if she would make me another one She normally does  four strand braids but this was was a unique eight strand braid, and she said she would do it again. So I dutifully collected the hair, and I also had some extra hair from Heloise's Daddy, Titus.

Ms. H came by to deliver the new bracelet last week, and it is stunning! Since Hotesse is almost white and Heloise is black. it looks quite different from the first one!

Ms. H with the bracelet, and the little extra surprise she brought me:

Since the hair from Titus was mane hair, rather than the longer tail hair, it could not be integrated into the bracelet, so Ms. H made me a dangly that I can attach to my keyring! Titus is black, like Heloise, so that's hair from two black horses and one grey:

For comparative purposes, the original "V" bracelet at the bottom:

It's lovely to wear!

I am thankful to Ms. H for making me another bracelet, and I am thankful that the Vs and Hs are part of my life.


  1. Wow, these are so special and amazing! I love them.

  2. oh that is such a wonderful idea to have the close with you all da time ;O)

  3. Ms H does lovely work and the bracelet looks amazing. A wonderful way to keep the horses close to you.
    Purrs, Julie

  4. WOW, now that's super wonderful and downright gorgeous!

  5. What unique and special bracelets. A true treasure.

  6. That's beautiful ! What amazing and unique bracelets ! Purrs

  7. The bracelets and the keyring dangly are beautiful.

  8. What a fabulous idea and execution!

  9. Wow! Those bracelets and key ring are beautiful...and something to be treasured.


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