Sunday, 29 November 2020

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: Welcome to our Snuggles on Sunday post! This week, we wil start with the horsies as we are pleased to have a full set of snuggles!

Here, for a start, is #1 with Mama Hotesse:

With Miss Heloise:

Miss Violette:

And The Big V!

I of course, have been very busy snuggling with #1:

Do you remember the old days when I would quite often not have any snuggle pics for the Sunday post? How times have changed!

But, as you know, there is a certain Blue Boy who tends to move in on me!

But I no longer always let him get away with it!

Sorry that this slightly askew but here is another morning scene with Ollie and Genji:

We wish you all a Very Snuggly Sunday!


  1. What sweet snuggle pics today.

  2. Oooh, how cozy your mornings all seem, so full of snuggles inside and out. Though I'd have to draw up a rota if I was there as I dont share, unless it's the laptop, and even then I usually win, MOL
    Have a great cozy and safe week.

  3. Goodness gracious, so many snuggles so little time!

  4. Oh Tama-Chan...the snuggle shots of you and #1 are simply adorable!!! Our cuddling is ramping up it winter, is it isolation?? Whatever it is, it's wonderful!

  5. We always enjoy seeing your most happy snuggles!

  6. Your snuggle pictures always make us smile.

  7. Lots of snuggling going on! Tama-Chan, I love the photo of you kissing #1 :-)

    Happy Sunday xo

  8. Love all those pawsome snuggles!!!!
    It is so good to see you loving on #1 even if the blue boy wants to keep #1 for himself ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  9. Wonderful to have all those cuddles. #1 is blessed!

  10. Outstanding snuggles! We love that last one with #1.

  11. Awesome snuggles all around today, Tama. We just love the one where you are kissing #1 on the cheek.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. You always show us the best snuggles!! Benji is not much of a snuggler, though he does demand attention, and Dalton loves to try and snuggle, but then if I move, he gets scared and jumps down. He is so silly...


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