Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Woofie Wednesday

Ollie: Woof, Woof, Everyone! It has been so HOT! Some places have been getting thunderstorms here but no relief here as yet. Really high temperatures, increasing humidity, and no A/C! After the bur misadventure the other day, #1 has been reluctant to take me to the big field again. It took her  whole day to get the burs out!

I did find a new friend and brought him out onto the lawn to play...

Well, #1 was NOT happy, and I got a whole long lecture about not bothering hedgehogs. She then went to get a thick pair o cloves and put it back in the undergrowth. Sigh...

Oh, and did I tell you that she got e a pool? And that I haven't set a paw in it? She says I must be part cat. I really don't know what she means.

I am still wearing the sock. The ouchie is a bit better but not yet totally gone.


  1. oh it's better to watch such friends from a distance ;O) guess what? the mama wanted a pool too... but... all the pools in our price range and size are sold out (ok that is NO surprise hahahahaha)

  2. We are sure you only wanted to play with the hedgehog, but maybe he is too amall for you .
    It is still hot here but we think the weekend will be cooler :)

  3. Ollie, I can't believe you brought home a hedgie! MOL!

  4. You must have been very careful carrying your new friend, Ollie! It is hot and very humid here still but forecast to cool down a bit by the weekend.

  5. It's too bad you couldn't play with the hedgehog. That was nice of #1 to put it back where it came from. We won't go in pools either. Paws crossed that your ouchie foot will feel better soon.

  6. I'm glad your ouchie is some better Ollie but you really should try the pool, it will be refreshing for you!

  7. A hedgehog, Ollie! Wow!
    We don't have any of them where we live.
    Then again, with The PO'M out there, we wouldn't have any if they DID live here...sad to say...

  8. Happy Woofie Wednesday, Ollie!! We hope you and the family are keeping cool and relief is on the way soon. Thanks for the share. Have a great rest of your day.
    World of Animals

  9. Ollie, we bet you have a lot of fun in the field, but those burrs are no fun at all. And a hedgehog??? Best to watch him from a distance - you know all that social distancing stuff:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. You really have to try out the pool, Ollie. It’ll cool you off in the heat.

  11. Sorry you couldn’t play with hedgehog, Ollie! I guess it’s for the best, though :-) But I hope you will try the pool. I think you will have fun!


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