Saturday, 1 August 2020

Sei-Chan's Souvenir Saturday

Sei-Chan: Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a great summer. Can you believe it's August already? This week, I have a full array of pics for you, and I have gone with a summer theme. All the pictures were taken in August.

Ikkyu used to spend the summers with #1 in Canada, at her cottage in PEIO, an this is a great shot of him decorating the table, ready for a party:

Sen-Chan used to go outside and here is a great pic of him playing in the tall grass in the field:

Next is my sweet Yuu-Chan, when he was still a little kit:

And whilst we're at it, me when I was still a youngster, lounging about on the tatami:

Da Beebs used to love being in the hammock in the cat run:

Trav, of course, always was outdoors, but he also liked his comfort. Here he is up on his mattress in the open shed:

As for Tommy, here he is gambolling in the field in August when he was still a youngster, with #1's shadow!

We hope you enjoyed this week's selection. Happy August! And please be sure to join us tomorrow for a celebration!


  1. They are all lovely photos of you sweet Angels.

  2. I loved seeing everyone and it was wonderful to see Trav again too. Tommy...hello sweet boy.

  3. Those are all really sweet photos of such sweet Angels all.

  4. Such lovely memories of all of you.

  5. Great selection for the beginning of August ! Purrs

  6. Sei, these were really nice memories today!
    Thanks for sharing those past,but fun times.
    #1 has lived(vacationed) in many parts of the world!
    Purrs, Georgia and Julie

  7. Rainbow Sei-Chan, we miss being able to visit Canada; the border is currently locked down, only business crossing vacationers! I would love to visit many places in Canada, and hope to do it someday.

  8. What beautiful memories of you all. :)

  9. You all enjoyed summer time so much. Yuu-Chan - such a sweet photo:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. Aww, these were sweet memories this week.


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