Saturday, 8 August 2020

Sei-Chan's Souvenir Saturday

Rainbow Sei: As forecast, temperatrues have ramped up in France and people are being asked to take care and not expose themselves too much to the heat. So, I thought that, this time, I would post the coolest pics I could find of us.

Let me start with Tommy as he would always go the beach in August and that was very refreshing! These two pics were taken at the beach in Normandy a few months before Tommy came to join us at the Bridge:

Needless to say, the rest of us didn't go to the beach, so let me see what I can find...

Starting with me, I couldn't find anything that was blatantly cool, so I just went for blatantly gorgeous!

Da Beebs loved the sky hammocks in the study and he would keep cool by hanging various body parts outside!

It would seem that Ikkyu was a real pro at keeping cool!

Sen-Chan enjoying cool tiles under his feet:

Yuu-Chan enjoying one of the hammocks in the cat run:

Trav enjoying a bit of shade:

Sad as it makes us for her Mum, Nancy, we were pleased to welcome an old friend among us this week. Beautiful Georgia from Mickey's Musings has come to join us. She received a raucous welcome from Mickey and all TOWCB, as well as from all of us. We send purrs and hugs to Mum Nancy and sister Julie.

We hope that, wherever you are, you are having a lovely weekend. Purr for your loved ones and please stay safe!


  1. I hope everyone stays as cool as you guys!

  2. You all sure knew how to keep cool or at least look cool.

  3. How I would love to be paddling in the sea! With all the idiots ignoring social distancing and packing in like sardines, that is totally out of the question. I will wait until later in the year when they have gone home.
    You are always blatantly gorgeous, Sei-Chan. Lovely photos of everyone keeping their cool.

  4. It's supposed to be near one hunnert this coming week so those pics were a welcome relief. Thanks for visiting me.

  5. Lovely to see the ways you all had for being cool :)
    Thank you for welcoming Georgia to the Bridge.
    We are sad she had to go, but happy she is reunited with family and friends :)
    Happy International Cat Day!
    Purrs,Julie and mum

  6. Those were such sweet memories, love the beach Tommy!

  7. No matter how you each chose to stay cool, you all did so beautifully!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Nice cool memories! Its hot here, too...way too hot.


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