Sunday, 17 March 2019

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: What a week this has been, yet again. # and I have been so worried about Beebs. I know I am not always pleasant to him, but he is my son, and I don't want to see him sick and contemplating leaving us well before his time. As I am sure you all know in times of trouble, snuggling is one of the best solutions.

I have been snuggling with #1:

This is a somewhat embarrassing photo, but here I am with my dear friend, Mr.G...

Over the last few days, #1 has gone to visit Beebs every day and spent quite a bit of time with him. There has been a whole lot of snuggling going on!

 This one is when #1 got in the cage with Beebs!

Our friend, Ms. P, has arrived from San Antonio, Texas, to take care of us when #1 is away. She took this fun pic of her and Genji:

And here is Ms. P herself with Genji:

Last Sunday, #1 and Ollie went to have lunch with some friends and the lady, Ms. V, rather fell in love with Ollie:

The Vs were also feeling pretty cuddly with week!



With #1 away, we will probably post intermittently over the next few days. We will of course post updates as we get them regarding Da Beebs. Mr.G and Ms. N are planning to go and see him on Monday, and Ms. P will go on Tuesday.


  1. Lovely snuggle shots!! Right after breakfast this morning I sat on Lorine's lap for some cuddles as she drank her coffee. #1 is doing everything in her power to take good care of all of you, healthy or ill! With Sami snuggles sent your way xx

  2. We agree that snuggles feel really good when you are worried. We continue to purr for little Bibi.
    Looks like you will have great care while #1 is away too :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Happy snuggle sure look fun. Purrs to sweet Beebs from all of us.

  4. Great snuggles! We are still purraying hard for Beebs and we send all of you, especially #1 strength!
    Enjoy your visitor!
    Marv (and Mom)

  5. It's good to see you all snuggling with #1. We're sure she needs the comfort right now. Our paws are crossed that Bibi can come home from the vets soon.

  6. Snuggling is more important than ever in times of stress. I am glad there is some improvement for Bibi and hope it continues. We are all rooting for him.

  7. Nothing is better than a god snuggle ! Sending one to all of The Pouponette !

  8. That's a lot of great snuggles ! We send Bibi tons of purrs, we hope the improvement continues. Purrs

  9. Having good friends; human, feline, canine, and horse, is a good thing!

  10. Meow meow Tama Chan mee can ree-late...when mee kittss were sick it was furry hard to not wurry! Bibi iss tryin so hard to stay with all of you. An with Numburr 1 an THE other nice peepell visitin him, hee just has to stay here!!!
    Have a safe trip Numburr 1 an come home soon....
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma
    Pee S: Tama yore gorgeeuss!

  11. Glad everyone is getting their snuggles, including Da Beebs. Safe travels #1.

  12. I'm continuing to send lots of purrs to Bibi. I didn't get in much snuggling this weekend. Binga and Boodie spent time snuggling with my human's new pal, but I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to! Especially when I figured out he was the one responsible for my human's overnight absences recently!

  13. Thinking of Bibi. I love the photo of you with Mr G. Your little face is priceless.

  14. We are worried about Bibi-Chan, too. We love the happy expression on his face when he was snuggling with #1. Sending tons of purrs to him xo

  15. we hope everything goes well with Bibi!


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