Friday, 29 March 2019

Feline Friday

Da Genj: We are very late posting today. We had a real fright over the last couple of days as Da Beebs went off his food, and #1 was wondering if she would have to make "the call" but, this morning, Beebs stormed into the kitchen, demanding to be fed, and has eaten really well so far, so we are able to post in a better frame of mind!

Here is Da Beebs:

He did venture out into the cat run too!

I did as well:

As did Mama Tama:

And there have been window whiffies:

And lots of sunpuddles:

We are deeply thankful for such days.

We will not post tomorrow, but will be back on Sunday with an SoS post.


  1. Beebs we are so sorry that you didn't like your food...but we still cross our paws that all things fall in place and that your #1 can post super good news... hugs and potp to you...

  2. Feel better, and eat up, Da Beebs!

  3. Paws crossed Bibi continues to eat well!

  4. We purr the Beebs will eat enough to keep him well.
    Our Georgia is a really picky eater as well and that worries mum.
    She does ,at least, like her crunchies.
    We will continue to purr for Bibi for as long as it takes!!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. I am very glad to hear that Beebs is eating well again after 2 very worrying days. I continue with my good thoughts for him.

  6. Hooray Beebs, keep eating dear one!

  7. We bet you are all enjoying your time in the cat run. Nice to have sunshine and warmer weather. All paws crossed for Da Beebs.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. We're glad to hear the Beebs ate his food and are keeping our paws crossed for him. It looks like you kitties have enjoyed your week with sunpuddles and window whiffies.

  9. Beebs, don't give us those scares. Keep eating dude.

  10. We keep purring for you, Bibi, please don't scare #1 like this ! Purrs


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