Thursday 13 December 2018

Tommy's Thankful Thursday

Tommy: The first thing I have to be thankful for, and the Chans and Vs join me in this, is that #1 got back safely from Paris, and says she will not be going anywhere for several months!

The next thing to be thankful for is that it has stopped raining! It has also gotten a lot colder but we don't mind as long as there are blue skies and it's not soggy in the fields. We had a great walk yesterday afternoon:

Oh, and the Christmas tree was delivered yesterday!


  1. we are glad that the heavenly showers stopped... but now it is cold and we always run to get no cold paws... the staff is not happy, but we don't like frosty paws LOL

  2. What a glorious day you had Tommy!
    You must be very happy that #1 has no travel plans for a long time. That means more play days :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. You look very happy to get out again, Tommy! The heavy rain has stopped for now, but we still have drizzle. It is forecast to get colder, but still more rain!

  4. You sure look happy to be out playing and rolling around in your field Tommy.

  5. Tommy, are you sure that #1 is going to stay home for a couple of months? She seems to enjoy a little travel here and there! USA, Japan, UK, all parts of France...whew!

  6. It has been pretty much sunny but cold here too. Glad for the sunshine!

  7. Tommy tu as vraiment l'air d'apprécier l'extérieur après tout ce temps pourri.
    Tu es sure qu'elle va vraiment rester là plusieurs mois ta #1 ? Incroyable quand même.

  8. It’s great #1 will not be going away for a while. Lots of snuggling planned? :-)
    Great photos of you in the field, Tommy!

  9. That is great news that #1 is staying put for a while!

  10. We are thankful too that #1 is back home safely. Did you get that word about not going anywhere for months in writing???

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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