Saturday 8 December 2018

Sei-Chan's Rainbow Saturday

Rainbow Sei: Hello, dear Friends! Did you miss us? We missed all of you! I don't have to tell you that my Yuu-Chan and I were seriously busy with # in Japan. It was totally crazy and even our rainbow energy could barely keep up with her. No wonder she just deflated when she got home. We have done quite a bit of lolling about since we got back to the Bridge. But we do have a full set of portraits for you today!

Let me start with the first among us, Ikkyu:

Right after him came Sen-Chan:

And here I am:

Handsome Yuu:

And mysterious Trav:

#1 says that each and every one of us lives on in her heart, and always will. 
Wishing you a Hapy SEIturday!


  1. How lovely to see you guys today!

  2. Wonderful photos, all. Dad says his heart has lots of room for me, dear old Orbit and any other felines that may come along in his life.

  3. That was fun to see all of you today. You all have a great day.

  4. It's good to know that you are watching over #1!

  5. #1 is right, our angels live in our hearts forever.
    Tell her thank you for the lovely card which arrived today.

  6. And we will remember them all with fondness too.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. You all live on in our hearts too. It's always nice to see you all.

  8. You must have been really exhausted after accompanying #1 in Japan :-) Yes, you all live in her heart xo

  9. Mum was all tired when she got back from her trip too. Glad all of you can get a rest.

  10. Coucou Rainbow-Sei.
    Mon humaine espère que nos Anges ne vivent pas juste dans nos coeurs. Il faut que l'on puisse retrouver ce qu'on a aimé quelque part. Sinon tout ça n'a aucun sens. Je veux dire vivre n'a aucun sens.
    Ca nous fait toujours un immense plaisir de te voir et de voir tes comparses de là bas.


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