Monday 31 December 2018

Tommy: August 21, 2007 - December 27, 2018

#1 here. I said I would do a memorial post for my Tommy, but I am wondering how I can even begin to do such a thing. We had 11 years of a myriad shared experience. How does one distill all of that into a single post?

This is going to be a long, long post. Perhaps I can start with one of the first photos I took of him, on November 13, 2007, when he was 2 months old, and still with his birth family:

Learning from Auntie Madrac, two days after he arrived home:

His first Christmas with his pal Sen-Chan:

The Flying of the ears!

His first overseas trip, to the Lake District in England:

Playing with Sen-Chan:

A few days before his first birthday:

With his friend Pie:

Cultivating the world's best smile at age two:

 With one of his Boxer friends, aged two:

 Frisbee crazy at age two:

Snow Frisbee!

So handsome at almost three:

The arrival of Fernant, in February 2011:

Funny boy, aged three and a half:

Flying ears at four:

 That perfect half-smile:

Lounging on the sofa at five:

Tommy at five, with his Mama, Minnie

Christmas at five:

With Da Beebs:

 Ready, Set...

 With Genji:

With his buddy, Harley:

With neighbour, Damia:


 Sixth Birthday:

T-Shirt Tommy!

 With Fernant at six

With Sei-Chan:

Dandelion Tommy:

With Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan:

Shortly before his seventh birthday:

 Tommy's Seventh Birthday:

Discovering the beach at Ile de Ré:

Part of the Family:

With his friend, Gipsy:

 Being spoiled at his favourite pizza restaurant:

 Autumn Dog at seven:

Festival Dog:

Eighth Birthday:

Family Tommy:

The Ball!

Helping to hang my exhibition:

Coming in from the rain!

With Genji:

Autumn in the Woods

 Wet Ears:

 Golden Boy:

Christmas 2015:

 Throw that ball!

Hay Bale Selfie:

Flying Ears:


 Celebrating his Ninth birthday with his Mama, Minnie:

And with me. We shared a birthday!

With Gabriel (Mr.G):

More flying ears!

 Dining out:

 The Snooze:

A good roll!

Come on!

The stick!


With Fernant:

Discovering the big city:

Our car:

With his sisters and niece:

 Tenth birthday portrait. Could anyone be more handsome?

Can you see me?

Shower time!

Romantic portrait:

Always happy:

And still and always, that smile:

 Tenth year snow:

A visit to Germany:

Carriage-driving in Belgium:

Tommy of the Bluebells:

 Visiting Le Mans:

Hanging with pals and neighbours Fernant and Damia:

At a family lunch:

Café life in Chartres:

Eleventh birthday at the beach with his sisters:

Autumn of his 11th year:

With Tama-Chan:

Mid-December 2018:

The day after the diagnosis:

 The two of us on December 22nd:

Christmas Day 2018:

Tommy's penultimate day with us:

 Tommy's final resting place is in our garden, at the foot of the Japanese cherry tree:

 Tommy was a true prince, a gentleman, sweet, funny, loving, loyal and brave. I could not have dreamed of a better companion. Thank you, my sweet boy, for 11 wonderful years.


  1. Virginia, this post is a wonderful loving tribute to Tommy. It shows a life well lived and surrounded by love and companionship ... No dog could ask for more. Thank you for loving him so much, as he loved you. I'm sad I never got to meet Tommy .... He was a very special dog indeed. I hope your wonderful memories bring you comfort as you grieve his loss.
    Jan, Milo and Alfie (Cotswolds, England)

  2. A beautiful tribute to such a good friend.
    The hardest part of having pets is knowing that their lifespan is much shorter than ours.
    Tommy had a wonderful life and truly was a gentle soul.Lots of love and hugs as you remember that sweet doggie.
    Nancy and the kitties

  3. You gave a perfect dog a perfect life. So many wonderful photographs of him and your life together

  4. I so wish Tommy had been around for more years for you - and us. We will miss him so much, and I know the hole he left in your life is huge. Purrs to you.

  5. A perfect story for the perfect dog. Thanks for the beautiful photographs.

  6. Beaucoup de joie dans les yeux, et expressions de Tommy. Il a vécu heureux avec sa famille. Tu as de merveilleux souvenirs avec lui.

  7. What a beautiful round-up of a life well lived, and well shared with you, Virginia.

  8. Poor Mistress...

    Frimousse's Master

  9. A beautiful loving tribute to your sweet Tommy. He was much loved and had a happy life, and Claire is glad to have met him. We'll miss him, and we hope that time will help you to go through your grief and finally let you remember happy memories with a smile. Purrs and hugs

  10. That is one wonderful tribute to Tommy. He was such a fantastic dog. So glad he had a great home with you. Loved all the pictures. Sending many hugs.

  11. All I can say is WOW!

    NAT helped you put together a PAWsome tribute to the both of you -

    You know I know your pain - how to put so many years/miles/smiles into one post - you do what you 'khan' -


    NAK & Phyll
    PeeEssWoo: And The Blondes too

  12. I looked at all those beautiful pictures and it just made me think that your boy had the most wonderful life full of so much love.

    Happy New Year.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  13. he was our friend and we will keep him deep in our hearts an in our memory... furever and ever...

  14. Tommy was a real magnet to everyone who had the joy of meeting him, and that was so obvious in all these lovely photos. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tribute! S&L and The Island Chans xx

  15. What a beautiful tribute to Tommy. He sure lived a charmed life and has you to thank for that.

  16. Wonderful post for a beloved Tommy. He will be missed. Best flying ears ever. JB greeted him with open paws and kitty kisses.

  17. A beautiful tribute what a life, well lived and loved so much can’t ask for more than that. Goodnight Tommy. X

  18. We remember Tommy's adventures with Fernant and how much fun they had. And the frisbee! It was a lovely tribute to a dog very well loved and we are sorry his stay with you was far too short. We know he is met OTB by many friends, those in real life and those whose lives he only touched from afar.

  19. A wonderful companion, gone too soon. HUGS.

  20. We will always remember that happy guy and his happy smile. Such wonderful photos and a loving tribute. Hugs from all of us.

  21. " A picture is worth ten thousand words." Tommy, it is evident that yours was a full life ; filled with adventure, love, family and good friends. We will miss your happy smile. Love to you Virginia.

    Sophie and the critters in the cottage xo

  22. What a tribute to a very special and well loved Tommy. Your pictures show his zest for life and his ability to make friends everywhere. I look forward to more pictures and stories when you are ready.

  23. A loving & poignant tribute to darling Tommy. He was simply an amazing & wonderful dog who took us on adventures & shared his life with all of us around the world....Tommy was the Ambassador for The Poupounette Gang...we will never ever forget him. Run free sweet Tommy.....
    Sending you so much Love & {{{gentle hugs}}} Number #1.
    Sherri-Ellen & BellaDharma x0x0

  24. A lovely post for a lovely doggy. Sending you hugs and purrs.
    Happy 'Mew' Year.

  25. Bonjour.
    Ton article me donne des larmes, c'est un magnifique post et Tommy le méritait bien.
    Bel hommage à ce merveilleux compagnon ♥ ♥ ♥
    On voit qu'il était très gentil.
    Il repose près de vous dans le jardin.
    Il sera toujours dans vos coeurs.
    Bises ♥

  26. A beautiful tribute full of love for Tommy. I will always remember him for his big smile, and of course those flying ears. Hugs to you, Virginia.

  27. What a loving tribute to Tommy. His sweet smile and those flying ears always make me smile. We will all miss that happy boy. Hugs and love to you and the Chans in your time of grief.

  28. The passing of a prince - celebrated in a beautiful way. We will always remember Tommy. He truly was a one of a kind dog.

    Hugs and Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  29. What an amazing tribute to such a special dog. We all will miss Tommy. Purrs...

  30. Well, you got me too. This is a beautiful tribute to a wonderful boy. Thank you for sharing. I shall miss seeing Tommy and I know that you have a lot to go through. He lived the life of a King.As much as a gift he was to you, you were to him......

  31. What a wonderful tribute for your sweet Tommy. He was such a happy dog, so loving and joyful always. We are missing him terribly but grateful that he had such a wonderful life. xo

  32. Thanks for sharing your lovely tribute for Tommy .... virtual hugs for you and to the rest of the gang from me and Mindy sends purrs and head bumps.

  33. A wonderful tribute post to a wonderful pup. He will be remembered and missed by many he never got the chance to meet, let alone everybody he did.

  34. Tommy sure left you a lot of happy memories. It's not the same, but they do help us cope, don't they.

  35. It's been said to see these wonderful pictures and know you won't be able to take anymore. But what an amazing life he had with you! I'm surprised those years didn't fly off his head considering the speed he generated chasing those tennis balls. I hope you are able to smile a bit as you found these beautiful photographs and shared them. Daphne

  36. It's been sad to see these wonderful pictures and know you won't be able to take any more. But what an amazing life he had with you! I'm surprised those ears didn't fly off his head considering the speed he generated chasing those tennis balls. I hope you were able to smile a bit as you found these beautiful photographs and shared them. Daphne

  37. C'est un bel hommage à un compagnon.
    C'est un exercice compliqué à faire. Je n'ai jamais réussi à faire celui de Loustiquette. Trop de larmes.
    Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais je trouve la photo de Tommy dans le champs de pissenlits très émouvante. Elle me met les larmes aux yeux. Celle avec Genji aussi.
    Tommy a eu une vie riche, remplie, heureuse.
    Les souvenirs deviendront, avec le temps, des pensées pleines de douceur.

  38. This is a beautiful tribute to a wonderful Tommy. As long as I knew him, as long as I see him, as long as I knew you. Tommy is one of us who lived very happily...Full of cousins, Full of friends...He is one of luckiest doggie in the world. And more important, He knew you and his fameowly really LOVE him.
    Hug to you and your fameowly

    Puddy & Mom

  39. #1, what a beautiful tribute to your beloved boy. What a wonderful life Tommy had with you and his furry siblings. Thank you so much for sharing him with us. Sorry doesn't seem to be enough to say for such a loss.

    Sending purrs from us and our Mom sends her condolences on your loss,

    Charlemagne and Tamar


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