Saturday, 15 December 2018

Sapin Saturday

Da Beebs: Rainbow Sei will be back next week with a Rainbow Christmas special, but today, we wanted to show you our Christmas tree which is finally up. In case you were wondering, "Sapin" is Christmas tree in French!

Our Japanese friend, Ms. H, once again helped with putting up the tree and stringing the lights:

As per tradition, the first decoration on the Christmas tree was Tommy's:

Mama Tama did some serious supervision as the decorations were going up.

And when it was all done, I looked handsome next to it!

If you are wondering where Genji was, he was exhausted following his earlier sunpuddle (!) photo shoot and was napping


  1. Your photos are lovely as are you. I love the type of tree you have decorated. My favorite.

  2. Everything sure looks pretty and we love your tree!

  3. LOVE the tree and Genji, it IS exhausting after those sunpuddle shoots. We should ask for breaks during those to, um, rest up.

  4. Your tree looks great. Our mom put up our tree yesterday too.

  5. Coucou,
    Il est joli votre sapin. Ca doit être bien d'en avoir un. Moi je n'en ai jamais eu. Sauf une année un mini vieux truc souvenir.

  6. And now you are all set to settle in and wait for Santa Paws. Your tree is beautiful.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. What a pretty tree! I wish we had one this year.

  8. A lovely tree indeed!!
    Pawsome supervising Bibi!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  9. Lovely tree and you both are very good for not trying to climb in it.

  10. Pawsome ! Your Christmas tree is gorgeous ! Purrs

  11. What a lovely tree and decorations.


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