Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wondrous Wednesday - Christmas Stuff!

Da Beebs: Our Christmas tree is up and running, and I would like to introduce it to you:

When that photo was taken, there were still wires visible around the bottom and #1 had forgotten to put the star at the top! All is now in order, under my supervision:

We have talked in previous years about the fact that we all have our own decorations, so we won't go into all that again. Those who would like to see can look at that post from last year here.

Another thing that happened yesterday is that we all had our Christmas collars put on, even the girls,  who don't normally wear collars. Firstly, here is me (as I share my breakfast with #1):

And my Mama-Tama:



And of course, Tommy!

At this stage, the Vs don't have Christmas collars, but they also wanted to get into the spirit of things, so here is The Big V, Vidock:

And sweet Violette!


  1. Oh Bibi, your tree looks most festive as do all of you in your Christmas collars and antler caps :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure,Tiger and JJ

  2. I just want to say, antlers look way better on horses than they do on kitties! I had to mention that since my human still knows where ours is hidden away...

  3. Ha ha! You all look SO festive! Those antlers DO look better on the horses than they do on hoomans. MomKatt REFUSES to wear stuff like that - but she does have a collection of kitty Xmas sweaters she's been trotting out the last couple of weeks!

    But as for us, we're nekked all year 'round, including the holidays.


  4. Your tree is beautiful, Beebs! We love when a tree has meaning and holds warm and happy memories. Thats the Christmas spirit!
    You all look so delightful in your
    Christmas collars. Vidock and
    Violette : you'd better watch when
    you wear your antlers. Santa my see
    you and deciede he needs you to
    help pull his sleigh!

  5. Oh my dawg! The big V's are hilarious

  6. oh my..... how lucky you are to have a tree. and mom is still snickering about the antlers on the V's

  7. What a charming idea to have special collars for Christmas! We love the reindeers hat of the Vs ! Purrs

  8. Il est très beau votre arbre. Nat à Chat elle trouve que c'est bien un arbre que l'on a pas trop "enguirlandé". Enguirlandé moi je croyais que c'était comme gronder très fort.. bizarre !
    Je ne dirais rien sur vos colliers. Loustiquette et moi on est ravies de ne pas en avoir.
    Et les bonnets ils vont super bien à Vidock et Violette. Ils sont beaux et rigolos comme ça.
    C'est bien de ne pas ridiculiser le chats avec un chapeau. C'est bien sur les chevaux ou sur les zumains... et c'est tout.
    Vos décos à vous pour l'arbre elles sont chouettes !
    Plein de ronrons.

  9. Love the tree and the meaning behind the decorations. Love all the Christmas collars and antlers. All ready for Christmas. x

  10. You all look so festive! We love Violette's and Vidock's antlers!

  11. Love the horsey head gear! Cute!

    The tree is lovely!

    Lily, WA, USA

  12. It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas at your place. Your tree is lovely as are all of you in your Christmas collars and antlers! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  13. Big V does not look happy to be wearing those antlers. The rest of you look great in your holiday collars.

    Millie & Walter

  14. Oh Wow! Yous guys looks so Christmasy and Vidock and Violette looks almost likes reindeers!!!

  15. Your tree is pretty, and you are all looking very Christmassy.


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