Friday 13 December 2013

Forever Friday

Tom: as we approach the holidays, we think even more than usual about the ones who went before and how much we miss them. But this is not a time to be sad, so here are our "Bridge Boys" enjoying some adventures during their time  with us:

IKKYU, #1's first cat and first Aby, travelled everywhere with her. She always thought that he should have gotten frequent flyer miles! Anyway, here he is relaxing at the cottage in PEI ten years ago:

And he could have given our Tama-Chan some serious lessons in dangling! Here he is in Tokyo in the late 1990s:

Our SEN-CHAN was a real adventurer. You see, he was allowed outside because unless a certain kitty we know, he was a good boy and never went anywhere near the road. And he came back when called!

Here is a favourite shot of #1's:

And another one:

YUU-CHAN was such a people kitty that he never really wanted to stray too far from his #1, but here he is when still very young, discovering the cat run at his breeder's:

And he was pretty good at the dangle too!

And last but not least… Even though she was never officially a member of the Gang per se, our neighbour MADRAC (TOWCB Fernant) was in many ways #1's first dog and so holds a very special place in her heart. Here she is with Sen-Chan:

And being so very patient with a very young (7 months old) me!

So many wonderful memories to treasure always!


  1. Ah, such sweet memories :)
    Thank you for sharing these delightful kitties and woofie :)
    Ikkyu certainly was a good dangler!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure,Tiger and JJ

  2. we love those pictures and are glad #1 has them to help hold on to happy memories. Yuu in the cat run made mom laugh....

  3. Wonderful tribute to those who came before. This season does indeed bring many memories of those we have loved.


  4. Deuxième essai .. blogger "a tué" mon premier commentaire.

    Je disais que ce sont de bons souvenirs à garder précieusement.
    J'ai toujours autant un sentiment de profonde injustice quand je vois les deux jeunes qui sont partis si tôt.

    J'adore cette manie des Abys (ils font ça plus que les autres chats), de dresser leur queue juste parce que la vie est belle, parce qu'il aime les humains, les papillons, la nature ou juste la vie !

    Bonne soirée.
    Nat à Chat

  5. Very nice remember acne post. I sure miss my brother Benny

  6. These are wonderful memories. My human actually enjoys traveling, but she hates leaving us kitties at home. She wishes for a cat like Ikkyu that she could take everywhere.

  7. There is something about this time of the year that makes Mom think a lot about all those she has lost, both human and furry. A sad sort of time for her, but still she has lots of happy memories.

    Great to see those happy moments from your furries of the past too.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Awww they are all so adorable. What great pictures to remember them by.

  9. Lots of beautiful memories there. I loved all the adorable pictures. Special and happy memories. Hugs Carol

  10. Lots of beautiful memories there. I loved all the adorable pictures. Special and happy memories. Hugs Carol

  11. It's wonderful to see al the pictures and remember them.

  12. We LOVE seeing those who have gone before. Like the OP Pack said, the time of year makes us want to remember and share fond memories
    of those we've loved and lost. We
    came to your blog after sweet Yuu's
    crossing, so have come to know and
    love him - and Ikkyu, Sen-Chan-
    from through fond remembrance.
    Those who are remembered never
    really die.

    P.S. Baby Yuu-Chan....squeeeeee!


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