Saturday 21 December 2013

Swamped SEIturday!

Sei-Chan: Well, actually, it's #1 who is swamped but what she feels, we feel, right? We had a dozen people over to dinner last night. It was a pot luck so #1 only had to make the main course and side-dishes, but she did have to clean and tidy up the living room, set the table, load the dishwasher etc, etc… And guess what? We have eight for dinner tonight! 'Tis the season to be merry, apparently!

Despite tidying up downstairs, the upstairs still looks like a train wreck. There has been no progress in the putting away of summer clothes and hanging up of winter clothes, which is of course delightful for me:

I have been trying to set a good example by basking in the lovely sunpuddles we have been getting:

And showing off my pink pawpads:

Relaxing is good…

… But I do have to stay alert a lot of the time!

Wishing you a fun last SEIturday before Christmas!


  1. I have a feeling we are going to be very busy in the days to come - meaning us kitties too!

  2. Happy SEIturday!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! I hope woo get to meet that beaWOOtiful BSD one day - Aunty Vicky loved the shot and noticed she was khwite the lapdog like Bricey!

  3. Glad you all are having lots of fun not to mention all the work. Have a great weekend.

  4. Relax Sei-Chan you deserve a relaxing time in the sunshine.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Ah I hope you get some down time on those nice clothes this Sei-turday!

  6. Chrissymouse days are busy days, for humans and for kitties too ! Purrs

  7. Ici tout est très calme. Et c'est bien. Les chats aiment le calme. Enfin surtout Loustiquette la sauvage.
    Moi j'aime bien les gens.
    Tu as bien raison de profiter du non rangement de ta #1 Sei-Chan. Ca fait plein de places confortables pour dormir.
    Tu as l'air de bien tout superviser.

  8. Relaxing is good - very good. Adorable paw pads too. #1 is a very busy human!

  9. It's that time of year, Sei-Chan. All the humans are so busy doing this and that. Us kitties just sit and watch them go crazy.

  10. If it is any consolation, Mom still hasn't swapped the summer and winter stuff either. She just keeps pulling out sweaters from the storage bins.

    Love those toe shots, Sei-Chan. Hope the dinner goes well tonight.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. You folks are having lots of company. We hope that means extra food for all of you. Love your pink tootsies.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  12. As long as the downstairs looks good, BOL

  13. Upstairs is for family and downstairs for guests. Everyone is happy.

  14. We love a "messy" bed too...and #1's lends knew meaning to the word "bedclothes"!

    Miss Sei-Chan, a certain fluffy tabby man here went ALL swoony over your toes...

  15. Good thing yous is not near our Mommy! She would has been chowing down on those toes!!!
    And getting ready for company - bah humbug!


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