Saturday 7 December 2013


Sei-Chan: So, Dear Friends, #1 went away and came back again. In fact, she managed to catch an earlier train and was home two whole hours ahead of schedule yesterday, so she got a gold star for that. Then she sat at her computer, the phone started ringing, and she was babbling by the end of it, an over-excited mess! You see, a big (horsey, of course) project she has been working on for almost two years finally got the go-ahead. It means that she will be leaving us for the day again next Wednesday as she goes for a meeting and lunch to a king's castle. Can you believe that? She won't actually be meeting that king but it was the king who said yes! We hope you are suitably mystified and think we should probably be proud of her. More on that another day...

So, let's get back to me. Here is a shadow play pic:

And a close-up:

With everything that's been going, #1 still hasn't put away her summer stuff, or hung some of her winter stuff. It's a good job we don't have any guests scheduled anytime soon as it's strewn all over the bed in the guest room. I must say, however, that it makes for pleasant napping!

Now where was I???

Have a great SEIturday, Everyone!


  1. You look very comfortable on those clothes Sei-chan. We think it adds warmth and love to anything and anyone once a cat has sat on it :)

  2. Thank you for giving us all the news Sei-Chan even if it did leave #1 over excited and messy. We hope you have got her to calm down now so you can take a sunshiny snooze.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Thank you for the big news, dear Sei.
    You are such a darling. You look like a beautiful shining star!
    Kings! Well, we know Belgium and
    Netherlands got new, younger, peppy
    ones not to long ago....

  4. We can't wait to hear more about #1's upcoming adventure. Paws crossed that she can take pictures of the castle to share.

    Millie & Walter

  5. Loustiquette et moi on trouve aussi que c'est super bien quand les humains ils n'ont pas le temps de ranger leurs vêtements. Comme ça on peut dormir dessus ... et leur laisser des souvenirs poilus !
    Profites bien du soleil et de tes siestes Sei-Chan.

  6. Wow, it sounds like there is some REALLY exciting news happening! I can't wait for more details!

  7. glad #1 made it home safe. her news sounds mysterious and exciting

  8. This is very exciting news! We will want pics if possible and the whole story!

    Sei, you are looking pawticularly fetching in that sunshine ray.

    Happy Sunday! xoxo

  9. Now we are curious about what #1 is up to ?!
    Lovely pictures on you Sei-Chan ♥


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