Friday 27 December 2013

Fun Friday!

Tom: Well, Christmas is over and Fernant's family came home yesterday evening, so he is back with them. It was quite fun to have him over, and the kitties enjoy him too.

We had some fun zoomies:

And even had a nice portrait taken!

Here he is playing with Genji:

I also went with #1 to visit my Brittany friend Damia who lives across from us. She was very happy to see me!

The Chans have been very curious about what's outside the kitchen window, even in the dark!

And Genji always has great fun helping #1 make the bed!

… as does Da Beebs!

And on the Catertainment TV channel programming, guess who's back?

On the V front, Vidock, our Big V, got to go out to the woods for the first time and loved it!

And our sweet Violette is once again stuck in a sea of mud, and #1 is seriously considering moving her to where The Big V is:


  1. Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun. We are sorry Violette has all that mud though.

  2. I love how the pictures show that you're having such a good time!

  3. Oh such fun you are all having!Wonder what was out in the dark?
    Poor Violette.Bet she is looking forward to Summer!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure,Tiger and JJ
    and Angel Tillie

  4. Looks like fun indeed ! Mum's beauty advice to Violette : mud is good for the skin, but not too often. Purrs

  5. Looks like everyone is having a good time except Miss Violette. We think she should move to where Big V is too.

  6. A pretty girl like Violette should not have to cope with so much mud! I say move her in where Vidock is!

  7. Il y avait quoi dehors les chats ? Ca avait l'air super intéressant !
    Genji, moi aussi j'adore aider Nat à Chat à faire son lit, surtout quand elle le refait complètement. Elle rit tellement qu'elle met une éternité à le faire ....
    La pauvre Violette. Il faut vraiment lui trouver un autre endroit ! La boue c'est ... beurk !

  8. That was nice for you to have a friend to stay Tommy.
    Poor Violette does look fed up with all the mud.

  9. Lightning would be very happy to play in that mud for Violette:)

    Fernant is looking great - love that portrait shot!

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Poor Violette! We'll purr for some dry weather...for all of you!

  11. Poor Violette :(
    The others of you having FUN I see :)


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