Monday, 9 December 2013

Manly Misbehavin' Monday Etc...

Vidock: Studly Neighs, Everyone. It's the Big V here and I am in jail…

Yep. It's me in that photo. As you can see, I am even wearing regulation stripy prison gear. HeHehe! Notice the big stick? So what if I reared up and tried to punch my teacher? I was just letting off a little steam, right? I am a teenager after all. No? It's not OK, #1? But you still love me? And you'll still sneak some apples and carrots in to me? Phew…
(#1 here. It seems The Big V got a little unruly when I was gone in Paris and he is staying in his box for a few days. The stick is not to hit him with but to teach him about respecting distances. Stallions have a tendency to try and be boss...)

Tom:  I know some of my friends in the States had snow this weekend. All we got was sunshine, and I had the best time running in the fields!

That's morning frost making my ears wet!

Da Beebs and Da Genj: The manliest thing to do in the winter is…

…making perfect circles!


  1. Vidock, we hope you learn about boundaries so you can get out of jail soon !
    Tommy, we had some sun too, but no snow yet.
    WE all like to do what da Beebs and Genji do!!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure,Tiger and JJ

  2. Oh oh Vidock, you still have to learn how to follow some rules... We hope that you will quick get out of jail. Despite the sunny weather, we had a similar activity like da Beebs and Genji yesterday. Purrs

  3. VIDOCK! You must learn some manners it seems. will. I understand about your box and that will help you learn some studly respect for your trainer. You boys all tightly curled into knots? Mom is reaching for some shining kitty furs...

  4. Poor Vidock. Maybe, with your training, you were pushed to hard and you became stressed and frustrated. Like an overly demanding
    piano teacher for humans, your
    trainer was more wrapped up in the
    task and less attuned to your
    increasing stress. Humans do make
    mistakes, you know. We hope you
    were not stressed to the point you
    no longer enjoy your lessons.. That
    would be awful. (Our mum still can't
    walk past a piano without wanting to
    kick it.) Kisses for all of #1's handsome boys!

  5. oh Vidock - please don't get unruly when #1 leaves - the box is no fun!

  6. Vidock it sounds like you blotted your unblemished record - hope you will soon be able to go outside again. Your lovely ears are looking very bedraggled Tommy. What clever mancats you are staying inside fast asleep.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Boys!

    PeeEssWoo: Oh Tommy! What a great pikhture of woo!

  8. Big V you look good in stripes but we hope you get out of jail soon ;-)

    We were having a difficult time trying to figure out which was the beginning and which was the end with the kittehs. BOL!

    Millie & Walter

  9. I am very good at being a circle cat too! Vidock - you need to behave more nicely! We have sun here today too - yay!

  10. Beebs! Genj! We agree, circles are VERY manly. TOmmy dood, your ears would be pupsicles over here today! -15C here overnight!

  11. Mister The Beebs and Genji ... vous etes absolument magnifiques comme ça tout en rond. Moi je ne dors jamais comme ça. Je devrais peut être essayer. C'est très joli.
    Nat à Chat elle trouve que Vidock il a beaucoup changé il est devenu pas juste un beau cheval, mais aussi un bel athlète. Ca lui va bien.
    C'est l'époque des prisons. Moi j'ai été embastillée presque toute la journée à cause des travaux. Et demain pareil !

  12. Vidock, you look like a zebra in your prison uniform. I am sure you didn't mean to be naughty but your hormones got the better of you.

  13. Vidock you are a little big to be unruly with the peeps.... :)

  14. Oh! My Cod! What Manly mes yous is!!!
    Mes LOVES that mes gots to see yous all today! Mes has missed yous ALL so furry much while Mommy was away!

  15. Wow! We didn't think #1 would ever put you in jail. She must be really strict!

  16. Vidock! We believe in you. Everyone makes mistakes. We know you will be back to your golden self in no time at all! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  17. Oh dear, even Vidock gets a time out!


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